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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Goal 4: High-Impact Research

Strategy 4.3: Outstanding Research Administration: Advocate for an outstanding research management infrastructure to optimally and proactively support faculty, staff and students to design, implement and manage research.

How the immune system tells friend from foe 


  1. Develop clear clinical trials, grants, and contracts infrastructure COMPLETE; developed best practice checklist and process maps for clinical trials and proposal submissions.
  2. IRB Best Practices
  3. Develop a mechanism for creating and updating an inventory of existing resources and establishing approved recharge rates with a review cycle (e.g. core facilities, equipment and expertise)
  4. Establish a mandatory training in response to new FDA recommendations
  5. Promotion of interdisciplinary research

Strategy 4.4: Collaborations and Partnerships: Strengthen collaborations with partners to create novel interdisciplinary and interprofessional programs, approaches, and projects.

These cells crawl toward the negative electrode in an electric field. When

the field is reversed, they change direction. Natural electric fields may guide

cells into wounds to speed healing.


  1. Strengthen research collaborations across UC Davis and with other UC campuses and other academic partners. Research profiles system developed
  2. Build strong partnerships with industry and private foundations.
  3. Develop a committee to oversee effective, coordinated and ethical corporate relationships.

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