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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Goal 2: Social Responsibility and Leadership

Integrating Quality Symposium

Strategy 2.1: Best Practice in Quality: Lead in designing and implementing best practices to assure high quality care.


  1. Create a searchable repository for QI/QA
  2. Strengthen educational programs and institutional competencies in quality to achieve high quality care throughout UC Davis Health System.

Strategy 2.2: Designing Future Models of Care: Play a leading role in designing, implementing and evaluating interdisciplinary and interprofessional healthcare for the future.


  1. To be determined

Strategy 2.4: Demonstrated Value: Demonstrate and articulate our value to the communities and populations that we serve.


farmer's market
UC Davis Health System Farmer's Market launches on May 16.

  1. Identify and evaluate community-based initiatives and philanthropic opportunities. COMPLETE
  2. Market and promote UC Davis Health System community-based initiatives and volunteer opportunities. COMPLETE
  3. Environmental sustainability (crosswalks and monitored by Strategy 7.5)
  4. Initiate visible, community-focused initiatives that effectively link community/individuals to the health system. COMPLETE
  5. Recruit employees with a community-focused mission (crosswalks and monitored by Strategy 5.1)

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