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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan sees successes in 2012

January 30, 2013

Upcoming Strategic Plan dates

  • A Strategic Plan Town Hall Webcast will be held this spring.
  • A mid-year retreat for Phase 2 committees will take place this spring.
  • A speaking tour about the Strategic Plan is planned this summer.
  • Phase 3 of implementation is scheduled for September.

The 2011-2016 Strategic Plan has made great strides over the past year, thanks to hundreds of UC Davis Health System staff, students and faculty who have been participating in the process.

The plan has continued to progress through Phase 1 and has entered Phase 2 of the implementation process. Two strategies were successfully completed in 2012: Strategy 5.4: Outstanding Performance and Strategy 6.3: Transparent, Strategic Decision-Making.

Student and trainee participation has increased in Phase 2. The plan has also engaged more retirees, alumni and other members of the community to provide their perspectives and insight, as the plan moves forward.

Below are four Strategic Plan successes that have been implemented this past year in the areas of education, research, clinical care and community engagement:


Strategic Plan Goal 3 is interprofessional education to shape the future. To advance this goal, the 3.1 strategy committee has:

  • Launched the interprofessional education course, “Doctoring 1” for family nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical students last fall
  • Developed four interprofessional education curriculum courses on track for 2013-2014
  • Led collaborations with other UCs to pursue grant opportunities
  • Submitted an article about interprofessional education for publication


Goal 4 is high-impact research. The Office of Strategic Planning has been working in conjunction with the staff of UC Davis' large animal surgical survival facility (LASSF) to increase its capacity and reduce barriers to use for UC Davis researchers as well as other industry partners. Significant progress has been made in updating the facilities, securing adequate staffing, implementing a new scheduling system, providing a process for billing and securing contracts. The research facility welcomes new research partners.

Clinical Care

Goal 1 is person- and family-centered care. The committee has identified the need for a Pediatric Transition Clinic, which will launch this March to assist pediatric patients with complex medical needs to transition successfully into adult patient care. In conjunction with Clinical Operations staff, the committee identified existing resources and applied for and received a pay-for-performance grant to support this pilot project. The infrastructure for care coordination of this project has been developed and will utilize a transition specialist, pediatrician, social worker and nurse to help each family understand what resources are available and to connect families with those resources over a series of appointments.  This will ensure that UC Davis patients experience a high-quality transition to adult care.

Community Engagement

Strategic Plan strategies 2.4: Demonstrate Value and 7.5: Environmental Stewardship and the Sustainability Sub-Committee have converged to support sustainable practices for the institution. The vision of new, sustainable community gardens on campus, in partnership with the City of Sacramento, is in the works, along with many new sustainability initiatives which can be viewed on the new sustainability website,

"We will continue to invest in our strategic programs in all missions,” said Fred Meyers, Strategic Planning Steering Committee chair. "Together, we will manage through financial challenges."