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UC Davis GMP Facility

In Spring 2008, CIRM gave $272 million for the construction of twelve stem cell research facilities in California. The University of California, Davis was one of the recipients of this Major Facilities grant.

UC Davis’ Good Manufacturing Practice facility in Sacramento features six manufacturing rooms with Class 10,000, multi-use cleanroom capabilities. It also offers an associated product scale-up and testing lab. Unique features include a GMP-grade FACS sorter, switchable positive-negative room pressurization for gene therapy vector manufacturing, and a hot cell for clinical grade PET reagent manufacturing. This state-of-the-art facility currently manufactures products for university investigators as well as other academic and industry partners. Reasonable hourly rates make it an ideal resource for both campus and external investigators.

Contact: Gerhard Bauer  |  916-703-9305


Guiding Principles

GMP lab
GMP Pass-throughs

  • Adherence to GMP regulations as required by the FDA
  • Precisely followed Standard Operating Procedure
  • Strict Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA), with each being done by different individuals
  • Testing of final products according to FDA guidance and requirements 
  • Rigorous personnel training and proficiency testing
  • Meticulous documentation and record keeping
  • Readiness for audits


GMP Laboratory Goal

  • The manufacture of quality products for clinical application