The health and fitness evaluation is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current level of fitness. The evaluation includes a range of assessments, followed by a discussion of the results and recommendations for improvement. This evaluation is ideal for anyone looking to gauge their current level of health and fitness and receive expert direction for improvement.

Evaluation includes

  • Physical Exam and health history to assess disease risk, including measurement of resting and exercise blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm (electrocardiogram), and resting lung function.
  • Body Composition via DXA scan to measure % fat and lean mass.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate to estimate total daily caloric needs.
  • Functional Movement Screening to identify limitations and asymmetries in fundamental movement patterns.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Test with measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption (VO2peak), and caloric expenditure.
  • Dietary Analysis and recommendations based off of a 3 day diet record and specific goals. 
  • Explanation of test results and an individualized exercise prescription designed by an exercise physiologist.

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