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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Bicycle Fitting

All fittings include interface dimensions to properly adjust your bicycle,as well as optimal frame and equipment guidance if desired.

Bicycle fitting

Road/Mountain Bikes: $200     Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes: $250

Each fitting is individualized to meet the rider’s specific discipline and needs. Fittings address all aspects of the rider interface, including shoe/cleat alignment, saddle and handlebar positioning and recommend equipment modifications. The session incorporates a detailed physical examination to address the rider's individual anthropometrics, soft tissue and flexibility factors, limitations and injury history. Emphasis is placed on meeting each rider's unique requirements. Extensive biomechanical expertise and rider feedback complete the package.

The fitting can be performed either on the rider's own bike or our Serotta Size Cycle. Recommendation for compenents will be provided if necessary.  Ideal frame sizing can be provided upon request.

For more information regarding our services, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (916) 734-6805.