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Community Relations

Community Relations

Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by the word "sponsorship"?

A sponsorship is defined as direct financial or in-kind support for special events and may include (though is not limited to) nonprofit agency fundraisers (breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, walks/runs), speakers series/lectures, health fairs or other community outreach that closely align with the UC Davis Health System mission, vision and strategic plan.

Who can submit a sponsorship request? 

Sponsorship requests can only be submitted by external community organizations seeking financial or other kinds of support.

How do you submit a request for a sponsorship? 

Read the sponsorship guidelines and submit all the required documentation.  

Who reviews the sponsorship requests? 

Sponsorship requests are reviewed quarterly by members of the multi-departmental Sponsorship Committee. Currently, representatives of Government and Community Relations, Health Sciences Development, Public Affairs and Marketing and senior administration of the hospital and Dean’s office.

I often get calls from people wanting our department to sponsor an activity or event. What should I do? 

Have them contact the Sponsorship Office at (916) 734-5441 or to receive information. 

Our department has sponsored a not-for-profit organization’s event for the past eight years. We have funds in our budget to cover this cost. Do we still have to submit a sponsorship request?

Yes. It is important for the health system to assess, record and track all sponsorship activity – regardless of which department is involved or paying for the sponsorship. By keeping track of all activity, the health system can better manage the distribution of funds to various organizations. This also helps prohibit solicitors from contacting and securing funds from more than one individual or unit. In addition, communication about the sponsorship helps ensure financial transparency for the health system and the university.

If a sponsorship request is approved, does that mean the health system will pay for that sponsorship?

Sponsorship funds that were previously maintained in multiple departments are now pooled into a single fund which is used for health system sponsorships. In many cases, these funds will cover the cost of an approved sponsorship. In some cases, approval will simply mean approval to pursue the sponsorship, but not to fund it. In those cases, the requesting department would need to cover the cost.

Are there any types of requests that would automatically be excluded from consideration? 

A list of what cannot be sponsored is located on the sponsorship web page. 

How often are sponsorship funds approved at the level requested? 

There is no set level as each request is reviewed individually. Some requests are approved, some are denied, and some are approved at a lower or higher level than initially requested.

Can one health system department sponsor the event or activity of another health system or campus department?

Each request will be reviewed individually. In most cases requests to sponsor another department will be declined since they constitute a transfer of funds between departments. However, there may be some exceptions.  All requests must be submitted to the Sponsorship Committee for review. 

I have a specific question. Who can I contact to discuss? 

Contact the Sponsorship Committee office at (916) 734-5441 or