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Risk Management

Risk Management

Frequently Asked Questions by UC Davis Health Clients

Proof of Insurance and Claims History

  • How do credentialing entities request a Malpractice Insurance Verification?
  • How do credentialing entities verify a provider’s claims history?
    • Submit claims history requests to or by fax at 916-734-2429 or mail to 2315 Stockton Boulevard, Attention Risk Management, Sacramento, CA 95817.
  • What is the name and policy number of the medical malpractice carrier?
    • UC Regents Self-Funded Insurance Program, 1111 Franklin Street, 10th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607-5200.
    • Telephone:  916-734-3883.
    • There is no policy number because UC is self-insured.
  • What is the type of coverage?
    • Occurrence based.

Legal Documents

  • How do I serve The Regents of the University of California?
    • A Summons & Complaint for The Regents of the University of California should be served to the Office of the General Counsel, Office of the President, University of California, 1111 Franklin Street, 8th Floor, Oakland, CA 94706.
    • Individually named defendants should be personally served; however, a Risk Management representative is available to assist by calling 916-734-3883.
    • Visit Service of Process on The Regents of The University of California (PDF) for details. 
  • How much are witness/expert witness fees?
    • The person being subpoenaed should be able to provide the fees involved.  A check could be issued on the day of the deposition and should be payable to UC Regents.
  • Where do I serve a subpoena?
    • Health Information Management, 2315 Stockton Boulevard, MRB #12, Sacramento, CA 95817.
    • Telephone:  916-734-5205
  • Who do I contact to schedule a physician’s deposition?