If you have a concern, question, or grievance related to the care you received at the UC Davis Health, please contact the Patient Relations Department.

If you are making a claim for compensation, please select  the category below that relates to your situation. If none of these apply, please contact Risk Management at 916-734-3883 or by e-mail at hs-risk.management@ucdavis.edu for further assistance.

Automobile Liability

  • If you were in an automobile accident with another vehicle owned by the University of California, please contact the University’s Third-Party Claims Administrator, Sedgwick, at 1-800-416-4029. Sedgwick will investigate your claim.


General Liability

  • If you were injured while visiting our premises (e.g. slip & fall) or if your property was damaged (e.g. automobile was damaged by debris while a University employee was mowing the lawn nearby), please contact the University’s Third-Party Claims Administrator, Sedgwick, at 1-800-416-4029. Sedgwick will investigate your claim.

Lost or Damaged Patient Valuables and Property

  • Inpatient Unit – did the loss occur when you were hospitalized?
    • Contact the Personal Valuable Lost/Damaged Program at 916-734-8501.
  • Clinic – did the loss occur during a clinic appointment?
    • Contact the Clinic Manager where the loss occurred or contact the Hospital Operator for assistance in obtaining the clinic phone number at 916-734-2011.
  • Emergency Department – did the loss occur while in the Emergency Department, before you were admitted?
    • Contact the Emergency Department Lost Property Program at 916-703-6589.
  • If you believe your valuables and/or property were stolen, you may also contact UC Davis Police Department at 916-734-2555 to file a Police Report.

Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability

  • Please submit the claim form, estimates or medical bills, and any other supporting documentation to the following address:

Risk Management Department
2315 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95817

  • You may also e-mail it to hs-risk.management@ucdavis.edu
  • Once the claim form and supporting documentation is received in this office, it will be forwarded to Sedgwick, the University's Third-Party Claims Administrator, who will conduct an investigation and process your claim. While that investigation is being done, you have a responsibility to pay for all bills you receive as a result of this alleged incident or to make arrangements with your creditors for a deferment until the investigation is complete.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Risk Management Department at 916-734-3883 or by e-mail at hs-risk.management@ucdavis.edu