The UC Davis Health System is a leader in the deployment and use of a modern EHR product suite, having attained HIMSS Stage 7 recognition in 2012. Many high priority initiatives and opportunities require the ability to define and analyze cohorts or population data sets, something EHR software was not designed to do. Additionally, the need to integrate data created outside the electronic medical record is an important consideration for robust analytical models.

The ability to define a specific patient population and summarize, analyze, and visualize clinical data about that population is a key foundational requirement to support quality improvement projects, pay-for-performance efforts, satisfy government or payer mandated reporting, and some types of clinical research.  These current and emerging initiatives all require patient population databases, integration of EHR and other types of data, and new sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools.

To address these challenges, in 2011 UCDHS created a new type of analytics capability called theTethered Meta Registry (TMR).


 TMR Image


The TMR was designed and built by the clinical registries team to enable the creation of multiple registries with high data quality at a low cost. Our approach is to create a centralized data repository of curated population data, and leverage this repository in the design and creation of clinical registries.

Characteristics of the TMR:

  • A unified, curated patient dataset that forms a common core data source for all clinical registries
  • Tethered to clinical and other data sources to provide timely analyses that can be acted upon
  • Data definitions validated by subject matter experts
  • Ability to quickly identify patients in multiple registries