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Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

Stuffed animals for pediatric patients

Kori Hammel, of Genesis Global, donated more than 100 new stuffed animals to the Department of Radiation Oncology for pediatric patients. Kori's sister, Kimberlee Hammel who is a supervisor in the radiation oncology clinic, expects the delivery soon, and will keep the stuffed animals in her office. Kimberlee called it "a thoughtful and selfless gesture that will benefit our littlest patients." 

Kimberlee encourages suggestions for adding other items for pediatric and adult patients and welcomes participation in the department's Patient Satisfaction Committee.

Hammel is working with Health Sciences Development to provide more opportunities for grateful patients to contribute to the Radiation Oncology Department. Patients or donors can click on "The Giving Tree" button on this page. Additionally, paper forms in English and in Spanish are in the waiting area for individuals to donate based on their support desires.



All donations go into the Radiation Oncology Chief Physicist Support Fund, which provides salary and funding to further the department's clinical care and research mission.