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Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

Andrew Vaughan to offer new radiation course

November 16, 2011

Andrew Vaughan © UC Regents
Dr. Andrew Vaughan

Dr. Andrew Vaughan has been selected to teach a first-year seminar on radiation for winter quarter 2012. Dr. Vaughan has a Ph.D. in Applied Nuclear Physics but is cross-trained in cellular and molecular biology.  His current interests include the earliest molecular mechanisms and signatures linked to both cancer and leukemic transformation.

The focus of his course will be on providing analysis on all types of radiation. Radiation is a pervasive influence on our lives operating over a scale of the unimaginably large, such as the background radiation detected as a residual signature of the big bang — to the microscopically small — the interaction of a single photon with human DNA.  In between there is a spread of effects and consequences that cover all areas of human experience such as its medical and diagnostic use, as a photosynthetic force driving the food chain and links to nuclear explosives.  In the latter case it is the radiation components, not the explosive power, that underpins its impact on society. Students who are interested should sign up for the course: FRS 003 Sec. 01 CRN 35539  R  9 - 9:50 a.m.