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Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

PERFEXION Gamma Knife radiosurgery

PERFEXION Gamma Knife ©

PERFEXION® Gamma Knife radiosurgery enables physicians to treat a wide variety and range of brain lesions — as well as some head and neck tumors — and offers shortened treatment times.

This procedure focuses radiation directly at the tumor, preserving the surrounding, healthy tissue. The treatment is so precise that it if often called Gamma Knife “surgery,” but no surgical incisions are made. It is both non-invasive and painless. The PERFEXION system is currently available in the Sacramento region only at UC Davis Comprehensive Center.

Our Perfexion robotic radiosurgical system provides precise tumor targeting, delivering a focused dose of radiation. It allows for simultaneous non-invasive treatment of multiple brain lesions in one single automated procedure, in one single day thus freeing patients from multiple radiation treatments and enabling them to quickly return to a normal routine.

The Gamma Knife system is proving to be ideal for areas that cannot be reached by surgery. Patients who cannot tolerate surgery or who have had previous radiation therapy to the brain may also be candidates for Gamma Knife.

Gamma Knife surgery is ideal for:

  • Cancer that has metastasized (spread) to the brain, head or neck area
  • Glioma/astrocytoma (malignant brain tumor)
  • Acoustic neuromas/vestibular schwannoma (benign tumor on nerve leading to inner ear)
  • Pituitary tumors
  • Chordoma (benign tumor at base of the skull or lower spine)
  • Craniopharyngioma (benign tumor at base of the skull)
  • Hemangioblastoma (benign tumor of nervous system)
  • Meningioma (benign tumor of protective membranes around brain and spinal cord)