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Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

CT Simulation — Ambient Experience

CT simulation is a procedure used during the treatment planning stage to identify the exact location and size of the area that needs treatment.

UC Davis uses a state-of-the-art CT scanner capable of producing real-time, digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs).  This advanced machine allows the clinician to perform a virtual simulation on a CT dataset based on each patient's unique anatomy.  It is a volumetric simulation that takes into account every curve and angle of the individual, allowing each tumor to be accurately outlined and the beam(s) of radiation set to the center of the tumor.

Simulation suite © Philips Electronics Corp.

This focus on patient uniqueness establishes CT simulation as an essential tool for conformal radiation therapy, and allows for minimization of normal tissue volume treated.  In addition to enhanced visualization of the patient’s anatomy, CT simulation can be linked to other scan technology to achieve an even higher level of visualization.

Patients coming to UC Davis are fortunate to be able to experience the latest CT simulation technology  —  a new, high-tech CT suite called the Ambient Experience that combines advanced treatment with an environment that is more positive for the patient.  With Ambient Experience, patient comfort is at the forefront.  A four-dimensional simulator provides precise information, taking into account the patient’s respiration cycle. Lighting, sights and sound  —  based on a theme chosen by each patient  —  are designed to calm nerves and improve delivery.

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