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UC Davis Healthcare Quality

UC Davis Healthcare Quality

Podium presentations

Preparing your presentation

If you and your team are selected to give a podium presentation, here are some guidelines.

Please confirm your participation by submitting a lead contact to Kristy Bird Trouchon at as soon as possible. The format of the Symposium has changed slightly. Podium presentations are grouped by topics with a moderator giving introductory/overview remarks and leading panel Q & A discussions at the end. You will present your abstract for 7 minutes with a PowerPoint presentation. The moderator and a panel of each podium presentation lead contacts will field questions and answers from the audience.

At the start of your presentation, be sure to name the learner(s) involved in the project. We highly recommend you mention how learning was incorporated into the process of your work and that you share the scientific methods used to obtain data and analyze your work.

Tips for creating an effective PowerPoint presentation

Here are some quick tips on creating an effective PowerPoint presentation:

-  Use 24 pt. font, black on white or very light background for maximum contrast
-  Use short phrases, not full sentences, with bullet points (remember you will be speaking the full sentences so that attention is on you, not the visuals)
-  Use less than 5 points per slide
-  Less is more!
-  Data is best shared graphically
-  Edit, edit, edit – and spell check, too
-  Deadline: To be determined


Click here to see one example of an excellent podium presentation by Simon Wu, a second year School of Medicine student.

Submitting your presentation

You must submit the following to Deb Patterson by the deadline: (send an email to

-  Final PowerPoint presentation –name the file with final title of your presentation
-  In your email, include the following:

1) Final title of presentation
2) All participants’ first and last names and their degrees (e.g. M.D,. Ph.D.)
3) Lead contact person for your team, with email and phone number

-  We will include your PowerPoint in the final Forum e-booklet so there is no need to bring handouts for attendees.
-  Don’t forget to register!
-  Be sure to register for the Forum at so that we can have an accurate head count and you can have a free lunch!

Call Deb Patterson at 916-724-3530 with any questions you might have regarding your poster presentation.