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UC Davis Healthcare Quality

UC Davis Healthcare Quality

Mentorship coaching for Healthcare Quality Forum

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Dr. Suzanne Eidson-Ton, Integrating Quality Mentor and associate professor, departments of Family and Community Medicine and OB/GYN, hangs a research poster.

This page is for mentors coaching others on an Healthcare Quality (HQ) project, with a focus on preparing an abstract and presentation for the annual Healthcare Quality Forum: Linking Educational and Clinical Excellence. HQ is a complex subject and new to many at UC Davis Health System. To gain better understanding of HQ in general, check with those dedicated to training particular teams. For example, residents should check with the Graduate Medical Education department.

Your mentorship is valuable! Healthcare Quality efforts are effective and sustainable because they involve learners who need mentorship and coaching for careers at an academic health system and medical center like ours at UC Davis.

Information about HQ is also available through the AAMC:

Preparing your abstract

In preparing an abstract for UC Davis Health System's Healthcare Quality Forum, here are a few resources to help mentor your project team. The Forum is an academic or scholarly event, a format which health professionals and learners may or may not be familiar with.

Squire guidelines are a good resource:

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School for Health Professionals' faculty handbook may be helpful as well:

First and foremost, to prepare for the annual Forum, it's important to start a project well in advance of the abstract due date. Typically, abstracts are due by January 15 each year (exact dates will be announced). Collecting data and then analyzing data takes a minimum of 6 weeks. You are encouraged to start projects early in the year, especially since abstracts with interprofessional and interdisciplinary teams will be most highly regarded and you may need to take some time to include members from other disciplines.

To participate in the Forum, abstracts should be well written and include all the information requested. The abstract doesn't need all the data and analysis; however, the project should be far enough along that data and analysis will be done and the month of February can be devoted to preparing a poster or a podium presentation in time for an early March Forum.

Ideally, mentors should help the project team, especially the learner, to produce a research poster or presentation. Again, there are certain standards that need to be followed. These are clearly outlined on this website in the right hand navigation bar under Poster Presentation and Podium Presentation.

Mentors should listen to a podium presentation at least twice to offer guidance on what's being discussed and help coach the presenter. 

Finally, anyone involved in the poster or podium presentation should list the Forum on their C.V. Thank you for your effort in raising our H.Q.!