UC Davis Childrens Hospital news http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/rss/{$key} UC Davis Childrens Hospital news UC Davis Childrens Hospital news http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/global/images/wordmarks/Childrens_Hospital.gif http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/rss/children UC Davis Childrens Hospital news UC Davis Children's Hospital ranked among top in nation for quality of pediatric health care http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9849/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9849 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 26, 2015) - For the first time, UC Davis Children’s Hospital ranks as one of the top five U.S. hospitals based on the quality of pediatric health care it provides to infants, children and adolescents admitted to the hospital. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9849 David Ong 2015-03-26T00:00:00Z IHOP's National Pancake Day raises more than $100,000 for UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9812/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9812 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 13, 2015) - Twenty-eight IHOP restaurants from 33 counties in Northern California raised more than $100,000 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital this month. IHOP guests enjoyed complimentary pancakes and were encouraged to make a donation to benefit UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the region’s local Children’s Miracle Network hospital at the tenth annual National Pancake Day on March 3, which raised funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Fri, 13 Mar 2015 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9812 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-03-13T00:00:00Z CMN Friendship Invitational golf tournament set for April 24 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9792/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9792 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 5, 2015) - Thu, 05 Mar 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9792 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-03-05T00:00:00Z Build-A-Bear brings cuddly friends to UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9750/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9750 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 20, 2015) - UC Davis Children’s Hospital patients received new cuddly friends, as Build-A-Bear Workshop hosted an event in the pediatric playroom yesterday. Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9750 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-02-20T00:00:00Z Eli Gold Prize awardee delivers Pediatric Grand Rounds lecture http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9730/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9730 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 18, 2015) - Erik Fernandez y Garcia, associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics, was honored for his 2014 Eli Gold Prize and presented a lecture at the Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds last Friday. Wed, 18 Feb 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9730 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-02-18T00:00:00Z Star 106.5 delivers Valentine's cards to UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9728/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9728 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 13, 2015) - UC Davis Children’s Hospital patients felt the love this morning, as Star 106.5 in Sacramento delivered 85 bags filled with homemade Valentine’s cards sent by radio listeners. The station also donated stuffed animals, coloring books, stickers and games for patients. Fri, 13 Feb 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9728 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-02-13T00:00:00Z Spirit Halloween Superstores donates $90,600 to UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9656/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9656 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 28, 2015) - UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department will continue to train individuals to become certified child life specialists at UC Davis Children's Hospital, thanks to a generous donation by Spirit Halloween Superstores. Wed, 28 Jan 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9656 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-01-28T00:00:00Z Tiny infant has a big impact on his community http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9653/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9653 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 26, 2015) - "Miles" Keiser, though nicknamed "Tiny" by his family, an infant treated at UC Davis Children’s Hospital in 2011 is having a big effect on the lives of children with congenital heart disease in Sacramento and on his community. Mon, 26 Jan 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9653 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-01-26T00:00:00Z Young Adult Bereavement Art Group starts Feb. 10 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9645/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9645 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 23, 2015) - The UC Davis Hospice Program and UC Davis Children's Hospital Bereavement Program will offer an eight-week Young Adult Bereavement Art Group for individuals 17 to 24 who are coping with the recent loss of a loved one. Fri, 23 Jan 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9645 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-01-23T00:00:00Z Project ADAM's first California affiliate established at UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9620/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9620 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 21, 2015) - A life-saving program that helps to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in children and teens has now arrived in California. UC Davis Children’s Hospital has become the first California affiliate for Project ADAM (Automated Defibrillators in Adam’s Memory), a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing comprehensive defibrillation programs in schools across the country. Wed, 21 Jan 2015 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9620 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2015-01-21T00:00:00Z Santa visits UC Davis Children's Hospital to spread holiday cheer http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9545/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9545 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 19, 2014) - Santa took a break from his toy-making schedule to visit UC Davis Children’s Hospital earlier this month to bring much-needed holiday cheer. The magical visit was made possible through the UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department and Macy’s/AFLAC. Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9545 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-19T00:00:00Z UC Davis pediatric nurses participate in holiday food basket drive for Sacramento families http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9581/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9581 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 19, 2014) - Pediatric nurses have partnered with a local elementary school student council and PTA for the 15th year providing holiday food baskets to Families nominated by Bancroft elementary school. The food drive and distribution occurs Dec. 15-19. Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9581 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-19T00:00:00Z "Mix for Miracles" Radiothon raises more than $67,000 for UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9568/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9568 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 18, 2014) - CBS Radio Mix96 and Children's Miracle Network raised more than $67,000 in their first "Mix For Miracles" radiothon for UC Davis Children's Hospital. Mix96, 96.1FM broadcasted live each day from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. in the playroom on Davis 7 and continued the broadcast from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. Dec. 9-11. Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9568 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-18T00:00:00Z David Sobon named new chair of Children's Miracle Network Business Council http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9399/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9399 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 17, 2014) - David Sobon has been named the new chair of the Children's Miracle Network's Business Council at UC Davis. His one-year term began Oct. 1, 2014.  Wed, 17 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9399 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-17T00:00:00Z UC Davis Children's Hospital opens pediatric pulmonary hypertension clinic http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9564/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9564 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 17, 2014) - Pediatric pulmonary hypertension patients can get the specialist care that they need close to home, thanks to the opening of the new Pulmonary Hypertension clinic at UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center. Wed, 17 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9564 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-17T00:00:00Z Study funded on the clinical, financial effectiveness of telemedicine versus telephone consultations http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9552/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9552 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 16, 2014) - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded a $1,198,384 grant to UC Davis pediatrician James Marcin to investigate how telemedicine consultations in emergency departments impact clinical outcomes, including cost effectiveness, compared with telephone consultations.  Tue, 16 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9552 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-16T00:00:00Z "Mix for Miracles" Radiothon scheduled Dec. 9-11 at UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9532/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9532 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 5, 2014) - CBS Radio Mix96 and Children's Miracle Network is partnering to put on their first "Mix For Miracles" radiothon at UC Davis Children's Hospital. Mix96, 96.1FM will broadcast live each day from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. in the playroom on Davis 7 and continue the broadcast from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. Dec. 9-11. Fri, 05 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9532 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-05T00:00:00Z Randi Hagerman celebrated for C. Anderson Aldrich Award http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9531/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9531 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 4, 2014) - The UC Davis MIND Institute on Wednesday celebrated the achievements of Medical Director Randi Hagerman, who in October received the C. Anderson Aldrich Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics, one of the most prestigious awards in the United States for a pediatrician. Thu, 04 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9531 Phyllis Brown 2014-12-04T00:00:00Z Children's Miracle Network Hospitals hosts Wheel of Fortune sweepstakes http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9525/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9525 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 4, 2014) - America’s Game®, Wheel of Fortune, is once again entertaining viewers with its popular “Secret Santa Sweepstakes” presented by Walmart, and this year the at-home viewers aren’t the only winners. A Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of each winner’s choice will receive a cash donation matching his or her winnings with a minimum donation of $300,000 during the course of the sweepstakes. UC Davis Children’s Hospital could be one of those winners. Thu, 04 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9525 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-04T00:00:00Z UC Davis Children's Hospital families and staff share what they are thankful for http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9523/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9523 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 3, 2014) - Pediatric nurses at UC Davis Children’s Hospital had "thankful trees" around the unit in November to give patients and staff the chance to share what they were most thankful for. Wed, 03 Dec 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9523 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-12-03T00:00:00Z Stand for the Kids event raises awareness for UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9473/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9473 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (November 14, 2014) - Phi Delta Epsilon, a medical fraternity at  UCDavis, held its first annual Stand for the Kids event last week in an effort to raise awareness  for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Fri, 14 Nov 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9473 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-11-14T00:00:00Z National study provides insights into childhood head injuries http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9460/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9460 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (November 12, 2014) - This week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine features an article that highlights an unprecedented analysis of the nation’s childhood head injuries. Wed, 12 Nov 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9460 Susan Mar 2014-11-12T00:00:00Z UC Davis investigational medication used to resolve life-threatening seizures in children http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9456/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9456 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (November 12, 2014) - In its first clinical application in pediatric patients, an investigational medication developed and manufactured at UC Davis has been found to effectively treat children with life-threatening and difficult-to-control epileptic seizures without side effects, according to a research report by scientists at UC Davis and Northwestern University. Wed, 12 Nov 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9456 Phyllis Brown 2014-11-12T00:00:00Z Trick-or-treat! Patients and staff at UC Davis Children's Hospital celebrate Halloween http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9439/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9439 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (November 5, 2014) - UC Davis Children's Hospital’sHalloween celebration took place Friday on the pediatrics unit. Patients and staff got into the Halloween spirit with costumes, games and trick-or-treating. The special event was made possible by the Davis 7 pediatric nurses and the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. Wed, 05 Nov 2014 00:00:00 PST http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9439 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-11-05T00:00:00Z Nurse receives third place for poster at Pediatric Nursing Conference http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9367/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9367 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 30, 2014) - Clinical resource nurse Stacey Salvato, who works on Davis 7 Pediatrics, received third place for her clinical care poster at this year's 30th annual Pediatric Nursing Conference in National Harbor, Md. Thu, 30 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9367 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-10-30T00:00:00Z The Pink House donates portion of sales to Children's Miracle Network Nov. 6-12 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9389/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9389 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 27, 2014) - The purchase of women's shoes, purses and accessories can help make miracles for UC Davis Children's Hospital patients as East Sacramento retailer The Pink House donates 20 percent off all purchases to the Children's Miracle Network at UC Davis Nov. 6-12.  Mon, 27 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9389 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-10-27T00:00:00Z Distinguished cancer prevention researcher to lead public health sciences at UC Davis http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9361/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9361 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 21, 2014) - Brad Pollock, a leading researcher on the incidence and control of childhood and adolescent cancer, has become chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the UC Davis School of Medicine. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9361 Karen Finney 2014-10-21T00:00:00Z Randi Jenssen Hagerman receives C. Anderson Aldrich Award from American Academy of Pediatrics http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9348/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9348 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 15, 2014) - Randi Jenssen Hagerman, medical director of the UC Davis MIND Institute, Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Endowed Chair in Fragile X Research and Treatment, has received the prestigious C. Anderson Aldrich Award in Child Development for her outstanding contributions in the field of child development from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the professional organization for pediatricians in the United States. Wed, 15 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9348 Phyllis Brown 2014-10-15T00:00:00Z Probiotic decreases the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9336/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9336 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 10, 2014) - A team of UC Davis and University of Arizona researchers discovered that adding the bacteria Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis (B. infantis) to formula fed to newborn rats reduced the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, an often deadly intestinal infection. Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9336 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-10-10T00:00:00Z Local children's musical duo performs at UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9311/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9311 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 3, 2014) - The Poodlums, a children’s musical duo, performed for UC Davis Children’s Hospital last week. The special performance was made possible by a donation from a community member and the UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. Fri, 03 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9311 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-10-03T00:00:00Z Shinjiro Hirose joins UC Davis as chief of pediatric general, thoracic and fetal surgery http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9300/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9300 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 2, 2014) - Shinjiro Hirose, a nationally recognized fetal and pediatric surgeon, has joined the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine as chief of the newly established Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery in the Department of Surgery. Thu, 02 Oct 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9300 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-10-02T00:00:00Z Superheroes visits UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9292/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9292 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 26, 2014) - Superheroes took a break from their crime-stopping schedule to visit UC Davis Children’s Hospital earlier this week. The special visit was made possible through the UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department and the West Coast Avengers. Fri, 26 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9292 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-26T00:00:00Z Stuart Berger joins UC Davis as chief of pediatric cardiology http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9278/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9278 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 23, 2014) - Stuart Berger, one of the nation's premier pediatric cardiologists and the leader in a national campaign to prevent sudden cardiac arrest deaths in children and teens, has joined the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine as professor and vice-chair of the Department of Pediatrics and chief of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology.  Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9278 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-23T00:00:00Z Pediatrics unit supports Operation Backpack drive http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9282/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9282 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 23, 2014) - Pediatrics unit nurses at UC Davis Children’s Hospital supported Operation Backpack for the third year, donating 190 backpacks filled with school supplies to Volunteers of America last month. Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9282 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-23T00:00:00Z David Schrimmer joins UC Davis as chief of maternal-fetal medicine http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9240/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9240 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 18, 2014) - David B. Schrimmer, a highly respected obstetrician and gynecologist who is expert in the management of complex pregnancies, including multiple gestations and those requiring fetal therapy, has joined the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as professor and chief of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Thu, 18 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9240 Phyllis Brown 2014-09-18T00:00:00Z Spirit Halloween Superstores gives back to UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9255/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9255 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 16, 2014) - Spirit Halloween Superstores won't have tricks, but they will be giving plenty of treats to UC Davis Children's Hospital this Halloween season. Tue, 16 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9255 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-16T00:00:00Z Ulfat Shaikh named Quality Improvement Project Leader by the American Academy of Pediatrics http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9251/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9251 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 16, 2014) - Ulfat Shaikh, director for healthcare quality at UC Davis School of Medicine and pediatrician at UC Davis Children's Hospital, has been named the Quality Improvement Project Leader for the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Council on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (COQIPS). Tue, 16 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9251 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-16T00:00:00Z Katherine Rauen named 2014 Rare Champion of Hope honoree http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9151/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9151 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 15, 2014) - Katherine Rauen, professor in the Department of Pediatrics and a physician-scientist affiliated with UC Davis MIND Institute and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, has received the 2014 Rare Champion of Hope Honoree in Science. Mon, 15 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9151 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-15T00:00:00Z UC Davis Children's Hospital team stars in music video http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9244/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9244 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 12, 2014) - UC Davis Children's Hospital faculty, staff, residents and patients are featured in a new music video, "Glory Glory Sacramento," which will be shown at halftime at tomorrow's Sacramento Republic FC playoff game. Fri, 12 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9244 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-12T00:00:00Z Jessie Rees Foundation delivers JoyJars to UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9245/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9245 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 11, 2014) - The Jessie Rees Foundation and its partner Anthem Blue Cross, made a special visit to the children at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, delivering 100 JoyJars yesterday. Thu, 11 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9245 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-11T00:00:00Z 10th Annual Sake Fest benefiting UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center set for Oct. 9 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9235/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9235 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 10, 2014) - The 10th Annual Northern California Premium Sake Fest, benefiting the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Heart Center, will be held on Thursday, Oct. 9, from 6-9 p.m. at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. Wed, 10 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9235 David Ong 2014-09-10T00:00:00Z Intervention in 6-month-olds with autism ameliorates symptoms, alleviates developmental delay http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9182/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9182 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 8, 2014) - Treatment at the earliest age when signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appear – sometimes in infants as young as 6 months old – significantly reduces symptoms so that, by age 3, most who received the therapy had neither ASD nor developmental delay, a UC Davis MIND Institute research study has found. [español] Mon, 08 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9182 Phyllis Brown 2014-09-08T00:00:00Z A hobby with high purpose http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9216/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9216 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 4, 2014) - As part of Angel Flight West's team, surgeon and pilot Tom Stevenson donates his time and plane to fly people who need organ transplants, kidney dialysis, cancer treatment and other types of care to locations throughout California, Oregon and Nevada. Thu, 04 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9216 Susan Mar 2014-09-04T00:00:00Z Young Adult Bereavement Art Group begins Sept. 29 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9209/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9209 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 4, 2014) - The UC Davis Hospice Program and UC Davis Children's Hospital Bereavement Program will offer an eight-week Young Adult Bereavement Art Group for individuals 17 to 24 who are coping with the recent loss of a loved one. The sessions will be held on eight consecutive Tuesday evenings from Sept. 29 through Nov. 17. Thu, 04 Sep 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9209 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-09-04T00:00:00Z Young earthquake survivor thankful to UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9198/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9198 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 27, 2014) - Nicholas Dillon, the brave 13-year-old who survived after a chimney collapsed on him in his home during the Napa Valley earthquake last Saturday, is in good condition in UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Dillon’s recovery has garnered national and international media attention. He was interviewed from his hospital room in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit yesterday by NBC News, among other media outlets. Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9198 Phyllis Brown 2014-08-27T00:00:00Z Door-to-door fundraising scam does not benefit UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9187/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9187 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 20, 2014) - The Sacramento-based UC Davis Health System reminds northern California residents that it never seeks donations using door-to-door solicitors and does not work with organizations that use this fundraising approach. Wed, 20 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9187 Karen Finney 2014-08-20T00:00:00Z CAARE Center and SacEDAPT Clinic receive federal grant to treat psychosis in traumatized youth http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9173/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9173 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 18, 2014) - The UC Davis CAARE Center and UC Davis Psychiatry’s SacEDAPT Clinic have received funding to improve the assessment and treatment of underserved traumatized youth who are experiencing the early signs of psychosis. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9173 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-08-18T00:00:00Z Pediatric patients build some fun at Lego event http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9167/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9167 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 13, 2014) - As a former UC Davis Children's Hospital patient, Zachary Hill knows what it is like to spend time in the pediatrics unit of UC Davis Children's Hospital. Last month, the 17-year-old returned and brought some Lego fun with him. Hill, a life scout from Troop 107 in Sacramento, decided to focus his Eagle Scout project on creating a playroom event for the boys and girls in the pediatrics unit.  Wed, 13 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9167 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-08-13T00:00:00Z University of California brings researchers together for statewide autism summit http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9174/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9174 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 13, 2014) - Bringing together the research prowess of the University of California to address the increase in autism incidence, its public health impacts, and the need to speed the development of treatments for affected individuals and their families, internationally respected scientists from UC campuses at Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Davis will converge at the UC Davis MIND Institute for a daylong summit on innovative translational neurodevelopmental research. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9174 Phyllis Brown 2014-08-13T00:00:00Z Summer Concert brings smiles to kids, grownups alike http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9175/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9175 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 13, 2014) - More than 250 staff, faculty, students and neighbors enjoyed live music, food and fun at last week’s free summer concert, presented by UC Davis Children’s Hospital. The event was co-hosted by the UC Davis Health System Community Advisory Board and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9175 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-08-13T00:00:00Z Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Telethon raises $184,130 for UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9172/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9172 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 12, 2014) - Telethon viewers and partners raised $184,130 for UC Davis Children's Hospital, the local Children's Miracle Network Hospital in Sacramento. Tue, 12 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9172 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-08-12T00:00:00Z Teen hospice patient receives surprise visit from soccer star http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9160/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9160 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (August 4, 2014) - The UC Davis Hospice Program recently arranged a special occasion for one of its patients, who also is an avid soccer fan, 13-year-old Bryan Garcia: an unannounced visit to his home from Rodrigo Lopez, a member of the Sacramento Republic FC soccer team of United Soccer Leagues. Mon, 04 Aug 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9160 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-08-04T00:00:00Z Kohl's Cares supports UC Davis Children's Hospital's trauma prevention efforts http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9094/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9094 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 28, 2014) - The UC Davis Injury and Trauma Prevention Program has received a grant for $285,292 from Kohl’s Cares® to support its child and adolescent injury prevention efforts in the Sacramento area. Kohl’s will formally present the donation at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital free community concert on Thursday, Aug. 7 at 6 p.m. Since 2005, Kohl’s has donated more than $2.2 million to UC Davis Children’s Hospital to support its children’s health initiatives. Mon, 28 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9094 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-28T00:00:00Z Walmart and Sam's Club fundraiser creates miracles http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9128/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9128 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 25, 2014) - Walmart and Sam’s club customers and members were encouraged to “put your money where the miracles are,” during its six-week annual miracle balloon campaign from May 1-June 13. Mostly one dollar at a time, UC Davis Children's Hospital partnered with 62 locations across the Sacramento Region to raise $433,812, raising over $3 million since the partnership began to help provide help patient visits for more than 74,000 kids each year. Fri, 25 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9128 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-25T00:00:00Z Community invited to UC Davis Children's Hospital's free summer concert http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9098/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9098 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 24, 2014) - The young and the young at heart are invited to a free outdoor summer concert featuring music by Sacramento dance band Hip Service, a special player appearance from the Sacramento Republic FC, entertainment from the Radio Disney Road Crew and a kids zone. The event is presented by UC Davis Children’s Hospital and co-hosted by the UC Davis Health System Community Advisory Board and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California. Thu, 24 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9098 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-24T00:00:00Z UC Davis study researches potential link to care for mothers battling depression: their child's pediatrician http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9123/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9123 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 21, 2014) - Pediatricians will screen mothers for depression in a new research study conducted at UC Davis Children's Hospital. The grant is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9123 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-21T00:00:00Z Minor head injury not reason enough for CT scan in children http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9091/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9091 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 7, 2014) - A nationwide study of more than 40,000 children evaluated in hospital emergency departments for head trauma found that if children had only loss of consciousness, and no other signs or symptoms related to the head trauma, they are very unlikely to have sustained serious brain injuries. Children who have only isolated loss of consciousness after head trauma do not routinely require computed tomography (CT) scans of the head, reported researchers from UC Davis Health System and Boston Children’s Hospital.  Mon, 07 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9091 Charles Casey 2014-07-07T00:00:00Z UC Davis Children's Hospital receives Excellence in Life Support Award http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9082/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9082 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 7, 2014) - UC Davis Children's Hospital has received the Excellence in Life Support Award from the international Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) for its Extracorporeal Life Support Program. The program provides lifesaving support for failing organ systems in infants, children and, in some cases, adults. Mon, 07 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9082 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-07T00:00:00Z Sac Republic FC fans donate art supplies, toys to UC Davis Child Life Department http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9077/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9077 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 2, 2014) - UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department collected more than 600 art supplies and toy donations at the Sacramento Republic FC game on June 7 at Hughes Stadium. Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9077 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-02T00:00:00Z TinySmiles makes donation to UC Davis Children's Hospital on Tiny's third birthday http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9078/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9078 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 1, 2014) - Born in Northern California in June 2011, Tiny had the first of three planned surgeries to correct hypoplastic left heart syndrome 10 days after birth, and was treated afterward in the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit/Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9078 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-07-01T00:00:00Z UC Davis study finds videoconferencing with family, friends lowers stress for pediatric patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9057/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9057 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 30, 2014) - To ease isolation during extended hospitalizations, UC Davis Children’s Hospital offers secure videoconferencing for patients and families. While anecdotal accounts have suggested the Family-Link program enhances quality of life during long hospital stays, clinicians wondered if the technology also offered clinical benefits. [中文 Chinese]  Mon, 30 Jun 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9057 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-06-30T00:00:00Z Third-year pediatric resident presents poster at European Society for Infectious Diseases meeting http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9032/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9032 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 13, 2014) - Elizabeth Partridge, a third-year pediatric resident at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, was invited to attend the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) meeting last month in Dublin, Ireland, to share her poster project on the effectiveness of early transition from IV to oral antibiotic therapy in the treatment of deep wound infections after scoliosis surgery. Fri, 13 Jun 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9032 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-06-13T00:00:00Z Telehealth improves forensic examinations for sexual abuse http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9026/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9026 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 10, 2014) - Researchers at UC Davis and other facilities have shown that telehealth consultations for clinicians at rural hospitals improve their ability to provide forensic examinations for sexual abuse. Published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect, the study showed that clinicians with access to expert UC Davis nurses provided more thorough and nuanced exams, improving their ability to gather evidence and to make an accurate diagnosis. Tue, 10 Jun 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9026 Jennette Carrick 2014-06-10T00:00:00Z U.S. News & World Report ranks UC Davis Children's Hospital among the nation's best http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9013/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9013 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 9, 2014) - UC Davis Children’s Hospital has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the nation’s top hospitals in four pediatric subspecialties. Together with Shriners Hospital for Children – Northern California, its longstanding partner in caring for children with burns, spinal cord injuries, urological issues and orthopaedic disorders. UC Davis ranked 22nd in orthopaedics and 47th in urology. UC Davis also ranked 23rd in nephrology and 28th in neonatology.   Mon, 09 Jun 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9013 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-06-09T00:00:00Z UC Davis Child Life collects donations at June 7 Sac Republic FC game http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9002/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_9002 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 3, 2014) - UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department will be collecting art supplies and toy donations at the June 7 Sacramento Republic FC game at Hughes Stadium. Tue, 03 Jun 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/9002 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-06-03T00:00:00Z Tarantal receives 2014 School of Medicine Research Award http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8991/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8991 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 30, 2014) - Alice Tarantal, professor of cell biology and human anatomy, has received the 2014 UC Davis School of Medicine Research Award. Fri, 30 May 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8991 David Ong 2014-05-30T00:00:00Z Local solar company donates 1,800 teddy bears to UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8994/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8994 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 29, 2014) - Local solar technology company, SMA America, donated 1,800 teddy bears to benefit sick and injured children at UC Davis Children’s Hospital this week. Thu, 29 May 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8994 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-05-29T00:00:00Z James Marcin elected to the American Telemedicine Association's College of Fellows http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8993/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8993 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 29, 2014) - James Marcin, interim head of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at UC Davis Children's Hospital, has been elected one of three new members of distinction to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) College of Fellows this month. Thu, 29 May 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8993 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-05-29T00:00:00Z Blue Oaks Elementary School walks for UC Davis Children's Hospital http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8958/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8958 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 20, 2014) - Blue Oaks Elementary School in Roseville had its 10th annual Walk-a-thon this month to support the school and raise money for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. With only a week and a half to prepare, the school raised almost $13,000. About $7,000 will go toward UC Davis Children’s Hospital to benefit sick and injured children. Tue, 20 May 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8958 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-05-20T00:00:00Z UC Davis Children's Hospital opens recurrent MRSA clinic http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8917/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8917 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 5, 2014) - Pediatric patients with recurrent MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) can find relief at UC Davis Children’s Hospital’s new clinic. Mon, 05 May 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8917 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-05-05T00:00:00Z Pediatric patients welcome canine friends at Josh Dog Day http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8899/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8899 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 24, 2014) - Therapy dogs — even stuffed animal dogs — can do wonders for hospitalized children. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8899 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-04-24T00:00:00Z Springtime Bunny visits UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8886/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8886 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 18, 2014) - With Easter approaching, the Springtime Bunny hopped on over to UC Davis Children’s Hospital yesterday to bring some much needed cheer. The special visit was made possible through the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. Their mission is to provide a positive environment for the children, one in which they can grow and develop while receiving medical care. Fri, 18 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8886 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-04-18T00:00:00Z Children's Hospital-sponsored Sac Republic FC kicks off inaugural season April 26 http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8863/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8863 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 17, 2014) - Sacramento Republic FC, a USL PRO men's professional soccer team, hosts its inaugural home opener on Saturday, April 26, at Hughes Stadium. UC Davis Children's Hospital is the club's season title sponsor and will provide health-care services for Sacramento Republic FC players and personnel including treatment by the Sports Medicine Program and a team of physicians led by Eric Giza and Jeff Tanji. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8863 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-04-17T00:00:00Z Rauen receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in White House ceremony http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8871/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8871 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 16, 2014) - Professor Katherine A. Rauen, professor in the Department of Pediatrics and a physician-scientist affiliated with the UC Davis MIND Institute and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, on April 15 received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Wed, 16 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8871 Phyllis Brown 2014-04-16T00:00:00Z Kuppermann named chair of the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8870/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8870 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 14, 2014) - Nathan Kuppermann, professor and chair of emergency medicine at UC Davis, is wearing yet another hat these days. He’s been named chair of the executive committee of the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN), an international collaborative involving five pediatric emergency medicine networks worldwide, representing the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and parts of South America. Mon, 14 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8870 Tricia Tomiyoshi-Marsom 2014-04-14T00:00:00Z Stuffed animals bring smiles to UC Davis Children's Hospital patients http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8849/?WT.rss_f=UC Davis Childrens Hospital news&WT.rss_ev=a&WT.rss_a=Article_8849 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (April 9, 2014) - UC Davis Children’s Hospital patients were “hoppy” to receive a new stuffed bunny friend, thanks to a donation by USE Credit Union. Wed, 09 Apr 2014 00:00:00 PDT http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/children/8849 Tricia Tomiyoshi 2014-04-09T00:00:00Z