Claus Sondergaard, Ph.D.

Claus Svane Sondergaard, Ph.D.




  • Visiting Assistant Professor

Clinical Interests

Dr. Sondergaard's research focuses on human stem and progenitor cells of hematopoietic, mesenchymal and endothelial lineages and their potential to mediate tissue regeneration in pre-clinical animal models. His current research specifically focuses on the development of an implantable stem cells and extra cellular matrix scaffold device for cardiovascular repair.


Cardiothoracic Surgery


Ph.D., Aarhus University, Aarhus, 2008

B.S., Aarhus University, Aarhus, 1999

M.S., Aarhus University, Aarhus, 2003

Professional Memberships

American Association for the Advancement of Science

International Placental Stem Cell Society

Honors and Awards

Stem Cell Training Program Award, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, 2011

Travel Award, Danish Heart Association, 2006

Travel Award, Danish Cancer Society, 2004

Scholarship, Danish Stem Cell Doctoral School, 2004

Scholarship, Danish Cancer Society, 2002

Select Recent Publications

Mathews G, Sondergaard C, Jeffreys A, Childs W, Le BL, Sahota A, Najibi S, Nolta J, Si MS. Computational Analysis of Contractility in Engineered Heart Tissue. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2012 May;59(5):1429-35.

Sondergaard CS, Mathews G, Wang L, Jeffreys A, Sahota A, Wood M, Ripplinger CM, Si MS. Contractile and Electrophysiologic Characterization of Optimized Self-Organizing Engineered Heart Tissue. Ann Thorac Surg. 2012 Oct;94(4):1241-9.

Sondergaard CS, Russell Witt, Grant Mathews, Skender Najibi, Lisa Le, Tracy Clift, Ming-Sing Si Prevascularization of self-organizing engineered heart tissue by human umbilical vein endothelial cells abrogates contractile performance. Cell Tissue Res. 2012 Sep 7

Fierro FA, Kalomoiris S, Sondergaard CS, Nolta JA. Effects on proliferation and differentiation of multipotent bone marrow stromal cells engineered to express growth factors for combined cell and gene therapy. Stem Cells. 2011 Nov;29(11):1727-37.

Gruenloh W, Kambal A, Sondergaard C, McGee J, Nacey C, Kalomoiris S, Pepper K, Olson S, Fierro F, Nolta JA. Characterization and In Vivo Testing of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Tissue Eng Part A. 2011 Mar 4.

Larsen H?, Roug AS, Nielsen K, S?ndergaard CS, Hokland P. Nonviral transfection of leukemic primary cells and cells lines by siRNA-a direct comparison between Nucleofection and Accell delivery. Exp Hematol. 2011 Nov;39(11):1081-9.

Sondergaard CS, Hess DA, Maxwell DJ, Weinheimer C, Rosov? I, Creer MH, Piwnica-Worms D, Kovacs A, Pedersen L, Nolta JA. Human cord blood progenitors with high aldehyde dehydrogenase activity improve vascular density in a model of acute myocardial infarction. J Transl Med. 2010 Mar 9;8:24.

Sondergaard CS, Hodonsky CJ, Khait L, Shaw J, Sarkar B, Birla R, Bove E, Nolta J, Si M-S. Human Thymus Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Augment Force Production in Self-Organized Cardiac Tissue. Ann Thorac Surg. 2010 Sep;90(3):796-803.

Sondergaard CS, Bonde J, Dagnaes-Hansen F, Nielsen JM, Zachar V, Holm M, Hokland P, Pedersen L. Minimal engraftment of human CD34 cells mobilized from healthy donors in the infarcted heart of athymic nude rats. Stem Cells Dev. 2009 Jul-Aug;18(6):845-56.

Sondergaard CS, Haldrup C, Beer C, Andersen B, Kohn DB, Pedersen L. Preloading potential of retroviral vectors is packaging cell clone dependent and centrifugation onto CH-296 ensures highest transduction efficiency. Hum Gene Ther. 2009 Apr;20(4):337-49.