Kishorchandra Gohil, Ph.D.


Lung Biology

Pathology - Neuropathology


Internal Medicine


  • Associate Research Biologist

Clinical Interests

Dr. Gohil's research interests focus on in vivo system-wide interactions between genes, dietary antioxidants, environmental oxidants and aging, as well as the responses of lungs and the brain in transgenic mouse models. His current research projects include genome-wide responses of the lungs to cigarette smoke in alpha-tocopherol transfer protein-deficient mice and neurodegeneration with aging.


Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine


Ph.D., University College London, London, UK, 1983

B.Sc., North East London Polytechnic, London, UK, 1980

Select Recent Publications

Cross CE, Vasu VT, Lim Y, Gohil K. Combating oxidative stress at respiratory tract biosurfaces: Challenges yet to be resolved, a commentary on "vitamin supplementation does not protect against symptoms in ozone-responsive subjects." Free Radic Biol Med, 40(10):1693-7, 2006. Epub: Mar 24, 2006.

Kota RS, Rutledge JC, Gohil K, Kumar A, Enelow RI, Ramana CV. Regulation of gene expression in RAW 264.7 macrophage cell line by interferon-gamma. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 21;342(4):1137-46, 2006. Epub: Feb 24, 2006.

Oommen S, Vasu VT, Leonard SW, Traber MG, Cross CE, Gohil K. Genome-wide responses of murine lungs to dietary alpha-tocopherol. Free Radical Research, 2006. (In Press)

Schmitt PM, Gohil K, Kaufman MP. Spinal estrogen attenuates the exercise pressor reflex but has little effect on the expression of genes regulating neurotransmitters in the dorsal root ganglia. J Appl Physiol, 100(3):958-64, 2006. Epub: Nov 23, 2005.

Traber MG, Siddens LK, Leonard SW, Schock BC, Gohil K, Krueger SK, Cross CE, Williams DE. Alpha-tocopherol modulates Cyp3a expression, increases gamma-CEHC production, and limits tissue gamma-tocopherol accumulation in mice fed high gamma-tocopherol diets. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 15(38):773-85, 2005.

Wilson M, Widdicombe JH, Gohil K, Burtis KC, Reznick AZ, Cross CE, Eiserich JP. Are Drosophila a useful model for understanding the toxicity of inhaled oxidative pollutants: A review. Inhal Toxicol, 1;17(13):765-74, 2005.

Last JA, Mathrani VA, Gohil K, Kenyon NJ. Systemic responses to inhaled ozone in mice: Cachexia and down-regulation of liver xenobiotic metabolizing genes. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 208(2):117-26, 2005.

Lim Y, Schock BC, Gohil K, Leonard SW, Packer L, Cross CE, Traber MG. Gene-nutrient interactions exemplified by the {alpha}-tocopherol content of tissues from {alpha}-tocopherol transfer protein-null mice fed different dietary vitamin E concentrations. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1031:328-9, 2004.

Okamoto T, Gohil K, Finkelstein EI, Akaike T, van der Vliet A. Multiple contributing roles for NOS2 in LPS-induced acute airway inflammation in mice. American Journal of Physiology ? Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, 286:L198-209, 2004.

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Gohil K. Functional genomics identifies novel and diverse molecular targets of nutrients in vivo. Biological Chemistry, 385:691-696, 2004.