J. Seibert, Ph.D.

J. Anthony Seibert, Ph.D.


Medical Physics





  • Professor

Clinical Interests

Dr. Seibert's role at the clinical level involves acceptance testing and quality control for radiological imaging equipment used in the departments of radiology, surgery, medicine and other sites at UC Davis Medical Center and UC Davis Health System.

An expert in digital radiography, Dr. Seibert specializes in using digital techniques and quantitative applications for digital x-ray fluorography, projection imaging, mammography, computed tomography and ultrasound/magnetic resonance imaging. Research efforts include assistance to the UC Davis Radiology Breast CT tomography project and several ongoing radiation dose awareness and monitoring projects with collaborators at other University of California Medical Centers. 

As Associate Chair of Informatics, Dr. Seibert contributes to the department's implementation of electronic imaging, radiation dose monitoring, and image-processing capabilities for the UC Davis Health System. Other roles include writing specifications for new equipment, determining shielding specifications for x-ray room installations, educating physicians, radiology residents and graduate students in diagnostic imaging physics, and providing radiation dosimetry estimates for radiological examinations.

Dr. Seibert is co-author, along with other faculty in the department of the widely used physics text,”The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging,” and is extensively involved in physics education and training. On the national scene, Dr. Seibert takes an active role in continuing professional development and education. Previous positions include past President of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (2004-2006), and past President of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (2010-2012). Currently, Dr. Seibert serves as a member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (2014-2018), is on the Fellowship Committee of the American College of Radiology (2016-2017), and is a Trustee of the American Board of Radiology, representing Diagnostic Medical Physics (2013-2017).


Radiology Physics


Ph.D., Radiological Sciences, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 1983

B.S., Biological Sciences, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 1976

B.A., Chemistry, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 1977

M.S., Radiological Sciences, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 1981

Board Certifications

American Board of Imaging Informatics - Certified Imaging Informatics Professional, 2007

American Board of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, 1986

American Board of Radiology, Therapeutic Radiological Physics, 1986

Professional Memberships

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

American Board of Imaging Informatics

American Board of Radiology MOC

American College of Radiology

Radiological Society of North America

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

Honors and Awards

American Board of Imaging Informatics - Chairman 2012, 2013, 2014

American Association of Physicists in Medicine - President 2010, 2011, 2012

Radiological Society of North America - Third Vice-President, 2008

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine - Chairman 2004, 2005, 2006

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine - Fellow, 2009

American College of Radiology - Fellow, 2009

American Association of Physicists in Medicine - Fellow, 1999

Select Recent Publications

Hess CB, Thompson HM, Benedict SH, Seibert JA, Wong K, Vaughan AT, Chen AM. Exposure Risks Among Children Undergoing Radiation Therapy: Considerations in the Era of Image Guided Radiation Therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2016 Apr 1;94(5):978-92.

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Hernandez AM, Seibert JA, Boone JM. Breast dose in mammography is about 30% lower when realistic heterogeneous glandular distributions are considered. Med Phys. 2015 Nov;42(11):6337-48.

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