Neal Fleming, M.D., Ph.D.

Neal W. Fleming, M.D., Ph.D.



Anesthesiology - Cardiovascular and Thoracic




  • Director, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia
  • Professor of Clinical Anesthesia
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800-800--2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284)

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Physician Referrals: 800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Clinical Interests

Dr. Fleming has clinical interests in cardiovascular monitoring. His research interests are in neuromuscular physiology and pharmacology.


General Anesthesiology

Center/Program Affiliation

Cardiovascular Services


M.D., University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, Kansas, 1981

Ph.D., Georgetown University, Washington, 1989

B.A., Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, 1977


Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, District of Columbia, 1982-1985


Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, District of Columbia, 1985-1986

Board Certifications

American Board of Anesthesiology, 1986

National Board of Echocardiography, 2003

National Board of Medical Examiners, 1983

Professional Memberships

American Medical Association

American Society of Anesthesiologists

Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (1997-1999)

California Society of Anesthesiologists

International Anesthesia Research Society

International Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Society

Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Select Recent Publications

Rose DD, Fleming NW, Kentner R. Goal-directed Therapies for Positive Patient Outcomes: Monitoring and Volume Replacement With 6% Hydroxyethyl Starch 130/0.4 in 0.9% Sodium Chloride for Injection. Anesthesiology News, (December) 30-31.

Liu H, Konia MR, Li Z, Fleming NW. The Comparison of Stroke Volume Variation and Arterial Pressure Based Cardiac Output with Standard Hemodynamic Measurements during Cardiac Surgery. The Internet Journal of Anesthesiology. 2010 Volume 22 Number 2

2009 Kungys G, Rose 0, Fleming NW. Stroke Volume Variation during Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution. Anesth Analg, Dec, 109(6):1823-30.

2007 Deyhimy 01, Fleming NW, Brodkin IG, Liu H. Anesthetic preconditioning combined with postconditioning offers no additional benefit over preconditioning or postconditioning alone. Anesth Analg, 105(2):316-24.

2007 Lee HT, Hennig GW, Fleming NW, Keef KD, Spencer NJ, Ward SM, Sanders KM, Smith TK. Septal interstitial cells of Cajal conduct pacemaker activity to excite muscle bundles in human jejunum. Gastroenterology, 133:907-17.

2007 Lee HT, Hennig GW, Fleming NW, Keef KD, Spencer NJ, Ward SM, Sanders KM, Smith TK. The mechanism and spread of pacemaker activity through myenteric interstitial cells of Cajal in human small intestine. Gastroenterology, 132(5):1852-65.

2006 Choi H, Fleming NW, Serikov VB. Contact activation via ICAM-1 induces changes in airway epithelial permeability in vitro. Immunol Invest, 36(1):59-72.

2006 Ro S, Kang SH, Farrelly AM, Ordog T, Partain R, Fleming N, Sanders KM, Kenyon JL, Keef KD. Template switching within exons 3 and 4 of Kv11.1 (HERG) gives rise to a 5' truncated eDNA. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, May (345):1342-9.

2004 Grow MP, Singh A, Fleming NW, Young N, Watnik M. Cardiac output monitoring during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting. J Cardiothorac Vase Anesth, 18(1):43-6.

2004 Nguyen NT, Anderson JT, Budd M, Fleming NW, Ho HS, Jahr J, Stevens CM, Wolfe BM. Effects of pneumoperitoneum on intraoperative pulmonary mechanics and gas exchange during laparoscopic gastric bypass. Surg Endosc, 18(1):64-71.

2004 Serikov VB, Choi H, Schmiel K, Skaggs C, Fleming NW, Wu R, Widdicombe JH. Endotoxin induces leukocyte transmigration and changes in permeability of the airway epithelium via protein-kinase C and extracellular regulated kinase activation. J Endotoxin Res, 10(1):55-65.

2004 Serikov VB, Fleming NW, Talalov VA, Stawitcke FA. Effects of the ventilation pattern and pulmonary blood flow on lung heat transfer. Eur J Appl Physiol, 91:314-23.