NEWS | May 20, 2014

Blue Oaks Elementary School walks for UC Davis Children's Hospital


Blue Oaks Elementary School in Roseville had its 10th annual Walk-a-thon this month to support the school and raise money for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. With only a week and a half to prepare, the school raised almost $13,000. About $7,000 will go toward UC Davis Children’s Hospital to benefit sick and injured children.

Photo of Blue Oak students
Blue Oaks Elementary School raised nearly $13,000 for UC Davis Children's Hospital at its annual Walk-a-thon this month.

The first Walk-a-thon was initiated for Miss DiBlasio, a kindergarten teacher at Blue Oaks, whose son was in the hospital shortly after birth. Staff at the school saw the need to continue helping the children in their communities, and made the Walk-a-thon an annual event.

“Every year it seems there are at least one or two students who are in the hospital. This year, there was a student in third grade that was in an accident over spring break who still hasn’t been able to return to school. It made it more personal for her classmates since they could walk for her,” said DiBlasio.

Some of the children are too young to understand the reason why they are raising money, but are still very excited to participate.  

The theme, “Roar,” was inspired by the Katy Perry song. It’s very popular with the kids and they sing it at all their school sings, said DiBlasio. 

Prizes were given to the top three fundraising classrooms as well as to individuals to help motivate the students. This year, Mrs. Gibb's first grade class was the top fundraiser.

Thanks to the efforts of their principal, teachers, families, and  students, this year was the most successful walk-a-thon that Blue Oaks has had.