NEWS | April 28, 2016

Shaikh invited to serve on American Academy of Pediatrics quality improvement steering committee


Ulfat Shaikh, professor of pediatrics and director of healthcare quality at UC Davis School of Medicine, accepted the invitation to serve on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Quality Improvement Innovation Networks (QuIIN) Steering Committee. 

Ulfat Shaikh
Ulfat Shaikh

In 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) established the QuIIN with the mission of improving care and outcomes for children and families by testing practical tools, measures and strategies for use in everyday pediatric practice, the child's medical home. This was in response to the knowledge that though the AAP had developed several evidence-based guidelines during the past decade, for the most part, these recommendations had not become standard clinical practice. Studies show that the development and publication of guidelines alone do not translate into improved care. 

The QuIIN was established to provide a mechanism for testing tools and strategies that support the implementation of recommendations and to assist pediatricians in making these changes in their practices. In 2011, QuIIN transitioned from a single network to a home for multiple pediatric networks including the Practice Improvement Network and the Value in Inpatient Pediatrics Network. These Quality Improvement Innovation Networks now consist of more than 700 members and have implemented a dozen American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Pediatrics Part 4 approved projects and multiple other quality improvement initiatives.   

“It is such an honor to be invited to join the QUIIN Steering Committee,” Shaikh said. “The AAP is a steadfast and respected advocate for children and their families. I look forward to contributing to the AAP’s mission and its leadership in supporting the health and well-being of every child.”

Shaikh will work with the steering committee to ensure that quality improvement networks are maintained, selected projects are aligned with the mission of the AAP and QuIIN, and resources are used in the most efficient manner possible.

Shaikh’s term as a QuIIN Steering Committee member began this month and will last for three years.