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NEWS | May 18, 2012

UC Davis School of Medicine announces students and faculty awarded for excellence


More than 80 graduating UC Davis medical students were honored yesterday at the UC Davis School of Medicine's annual awards banquet recognizing graduating seniors and their faculty.

Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor for human health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, and Fred Meyers, executive associate dean, were among several guest presenters who passed out the honors and awards.

"I speak for our entire faculty when I say how proud we are of your accomplishments and contributions," said Pomeroy. "Congratulations to each of you and thank you for being such a great part of the UC Davis family."

Thirty-five student awards and four faculty awards were presented over the course of the evening. Those honored included:

  • Gabriel Smilkstein Humanitarian Award: Esteban Verduzco
  • J.T. Simon Lie Memorial Scholarship: Heidi Collins

    Photo of recipients of Helen McConnell Palthe Fellowship Awards
    Helen McConnell Palthe Fellowship Award recipients with Claire Pomeroy

  • Merck Manual Award: Lauren Frizzell, Leon Hsu and Jocelyn Mansfield
  • Alan T. Nunn, M.D., Memorial Scholarship: Yvonne Pham
  • Alexandra E. Greene, M.D., Memorial Scholarship: Sally Graglia
  • American Medical Association Foundation Scholars Fund: Andrea Griem
  • Ann Bonham and Jesse Joad Endowed Scholarship: Nahid Yakuby
  • Kenneth W. and Phyllis J. Snow Endowed in Medicine Award: Huy Ngo
  • Samuel Litvachuck, M.D., Memorial Fund: Meghan McClure

Department Awards

  • Outstanding Student In Anesthesiology: Tracy Burns
  • The Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy Barry F. King Award: Jocelyn Mansfield
  • The Society Of Academic Emergency Medicine Award in Excellence: Sally Graglia
  • Family and Community Medicine Awards in Excellence: David English
  • CAFP Sierra Chapter and the Department of Family and Community Medicine Outstanding Senior Award: David English
  • Ernest M. Gold, M.D., Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine: Preethika Ekanayake
  • Award For Excellence In Microbiology and Immunology: Vanessa Flores

    Photo of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society members
    New Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society members with Fred Meyers

  • Outstanding Student in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Andrea Griem
  • Outstanding Medical Student in Ophthalmology: Rasanamar Sandhu
  • Award For Excellence in Otolaryngology: Omid B. Mehdizadeh
  • Robert E. Stowell, M.D., Ph.D., Award For Excellence in Pathology: Vanessa Flores
  • Crystie Halsted Award For Excellence in Pediatrics: Angelina Elliott
  • Award For Excellence in Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences: Anna Frenklach and Christopher White
  • Award For Excellence in Public Health Sciences: Eleanor Loomis and Daniel Stein
  • Heineman Prize for Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine: Daniel Stein
  • Corbett Prize for Excellence in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Vivian Bui
  • Outstanding Medical Student in Radiation Oncology: Sukhjeet Batth and Yvonne Pham
  • Russell A. Mcfall Excellence in Radiology Award: Nicolas Karvelas and Rasanamar Sandhu
  • Outstanding Student in Surgery: Lily Cheng

Helen McConnell Palthe Fellowship Award

  • Andrew Bregman
  • Heidi Collins
  • Anna Frenklach
  • Justin Lotfi
  • Christopher White

American Medical Women's Association Glasgow-Rubin Citation for Academic Achievement

  • Lily Cheng
  • Heidi Collins
  • Preethika Ekanayake
  • Anna Frenklach
  • Lauren Frizzell
  • Andrea Griem
  • Katrina Lam  
  • Jocelyn Mansfield
  • Yvonne Pham
  • Sara Won
  • Elissa Zakrasek

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

  • Allison Barrie
  • Sukhjeet Batth
  • Heidi Collins
  • Ashley Einck
  • Preethika Ekanayake
  • Vanessa Flores
  • Anna Frenklach
  • Lauren Frizzell
  • Andrea Griem
  • Leon Hsu
  • Katrina Lam
  • Melissa Loja
  • Justin Lotfi
  • Jocelyn Mansfield
  • Joseph Marsano
  • Rasanamar Sandhu
  • Daniel Stein
  • Nahid Yakuby
  • Elissa Zakrasek

Gold Humanism Honor Society

  • Deepu Bindal
  • Victor Chiu
  • Heidi Collins
  • Leslie Crebassa
  • Angelina Elliott
  • Andrea Griem
  • Leon Hsu
  • Alyn Kelley
  • Mohammad Khan
  • Lawrence Lipana
  • Kara Toles
  • Omar Washington
  • Nahid Yakuby

The Doctoring Awards

  • Andrew Bregman
  • Thea Bregman
  • Anna Frenklach
  • Emily Whitgob

Outstanding Teaching Awards Resident Medical Staff

  • For Emergency Medicine - Charles Vu
  • For Internal Medicine - Voltaire Sinigayan                                                    
  • For Obstetrics and Gynecology - Melissa Lares
  • For Pediatrics - Jacob Henderson
  • For Psychiatry - Peter Knudsen
  • For Surgery - Sterling Humphrey

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching

  • For Basic Sciences - Richard Tucker (Cell Biology and Human Anatomy)
  • For Clinical Sciences for full-time faculty - Lavjay Butani (Pediatrics)
  • For Clinical Sciences for volunteer faculty - Francis Sousa (Internal Medicine) 

Family and Community Medicine Resident Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching

  • Ryan Spielvogel

Outstanding Instructor Awards from the Class of 2012

  • Basic Sciences Faculty - Colleen Sweeney
  • Clinical Sciences (Full-time Faculty) - Lavjay Butani
  • Clinical Sciences (Volunteer Faculty) - Robert Quadro
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