NEWS | December 6, 2012

A message from Ann Madden Rice

Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing with updates on two important matters.

First, as most of you know, an on-site CMS survey took place here in late August. The safety of each of our patients and their confidence in us is, as always, our top priority. Later today we will submit a comprehensive plan of correction responsive to the CMS findings. I am confident that our corrective actions -- all of which have been implemented with final approval of certain policies to be approved by our medical staff next Monday (December 10) -- are fully responsive to issues raised in the CMS report.

There is another development that will likely be in the media, and for which I want you to have accurate information. Neurosurgeon J. Paul Muizelaar, M.D., Ph.D., has taken a leave of absence from the medical staff at UC Davis Medical Center, pending a review of four new claims in which Dr. Muizelaar was a participant in patient care. His leave took effect today (Thursday, Dec. 6).

While on leave, Dr. Muizelaar will not participate in patient care at the UC Davis Medical Center hospital and clinics. A review of the claims has already begun. We are in the process of notifying Dr. Muizelaar’s patients and taking steps to minimize disruption of their care.

We’ll keep you informed of developments regarding the CMS situation. If you receive any public inquiries, please refer them to Bonnie Hyatt.

Ann Madden Rice
Chief Executive Officer
UC Davis Medical Center