NEWS | April 23, 2013

UC Davis ophthalmology resident receives national fellowship award


UC Davis ophthalmology resident Bobeck Modjtahedi has been awarded one of this year’s prestigious Heed Fellowships. A graduate of UC Davis and UC Davis School of Medicine, Modjtahedi will finish his residency training at the UC Davis Eye Center in June and then continue postgraduate training at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston.

Bobeck Modjtahedi  Bobeck Modjtahedi

Modjtahedi is one of 20 physicians in the nation to receive a 2013-2014 Heed Ophthalmic Foundation award, which encourages and supports education and research in ophthalmology and the ophthalmic sciences for individuals with exceptional ability. Each fellowship includes a $10,000 merit award.

“We are all very proud of Dr. Modjtahedi,” said Mark Mannis, professor and chair of the UC Davis Eye Center. “He combines a dedication to patient care with a passion for leading-edge research that benefits our profession and advances vision care for all.”

In Boston, Modjtahedi will begin a two-year fellowship in vitreoretinal surgery, an area of ophthalmology that treats eye problems involving the retina, macula and vitreous fluid. These disorders include macular degeneration, retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy. His research has focused on assessing ocular trauma as well as systemic disease processes that affect the eye, such as hyperlipidemia, a condition involving high levels of fats in the bloodstream and often related to elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Modjtahedi also plans to expand his research focus to novel diagnostic tools and new therapeutics in ophthalmology. 


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