NEWS | July 13, 2012

Health system signs agreement for collaborative projects, exchanges with Swedish medical school


UC Davis Health System and the Lund University School of Medicine in Sweden have entered into an agreement to pursue collaborative projects in research, medical education and clinical care.

The agreement became effective with the signing of a memorandum of understanding in June. It arose from a longstanding relationship between John Voss, UC Davis professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine, and Jens Lagerstedt, an assistant professor of biochemistry at Lund University School of Medicine. Previously, Lagerstedt had conducted postdoctoral research at the UC Davis School of Medicine, and hosted Voss for a research sabbatical in the fall of 2011.

Lund University has a thriving medical school with biomedical and clinical-research initiatives focused on meeting the emerging and expanding challenges in health care. Its particular areas of strength, in the neurosciences and diabetes, for example, will provide collaborative opportunities beneficial to both institutions.

The agreement will identify more and better ways to pursue biomedical research collaborations that build upon each institution's strengths, fostering the exchange of new ideas, accelerating research progress, and expanding and strengthening prospects for competitive research funding.

In the area of clinical care, the agreement facilitates exchange programs between UC Davis and Lund University for medical students, residents and faculty.