NEWS | April 19, 2012

Muizelaar to hold first Julian R. Youmans Endowed Chair in Neurological Surgery


The first holder of the Julian R. Youmans Endowed Chair in the Department of Neurological Surgery in the UC Davis School of Medicine is J. Paul Muizelaar, professor, chair and training program director. The chair was established through a significant gift from Julian R. Youmans, the department's founding chair.

Julian R. Youmans Julian R. Youmans

Youmans is a leader in the field of neurological surgery and also is the founding editor of the multivolume text Neurological Surgery. Now named Youmans Neurological Surgery, the publication is considered the cornerstone work within neurological surgery.Youmans served as professor, department chair and training director between 1967 and 1982, establishing and growing neurological surgery and developing its accredited residency training program. Dr. Youmans became professor emeritus in 1991.

"I started the department in 1967 and am pleased that its excellence has continued to grow throughout the years," said Youmans, a resident of Davis, Calif. "I have provided this endowment to support its research and education activities."

Youmans is a well-known safety advocate who chaired an American College of Surgeons committee on trauma and was instrumental in legislating automobile seatbelt requirements in the 1960s. He also was an early supporter of driver-education programs, and later supported legislation requiring motorcycle helmet use in the 1980s.

J. Paul Muizelaar has been the chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at UC Davis since 1997. He is an internationally recognized expert in neurovascular surgery, head injury and trauma. His research interests include clinical trials for severe head injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage, and monitoring cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume and metabolism with various techniques in patients, and experimental brain surgery. Muizelaar is lead author of three articles that rank among the 100 top-cited papers ever published in neurosurgical journals.

"I am, of course, extremely proud not only to receive an endowed chair, but especially proud that it is named for Dr. Youmans," Muizelaar said. "He is the first editor of the handbook of neurosurgery that is used worldwide and is the bible of neurosurgery. His name is absolutely the standard for neurosurgical knowledge," Muizelaar continued. "If we don't know something we say 'I'll look it up in the Youmans.' To hold an endowed chair named for Dr. Youmans means something very, very special."

Muizelaar said that he plans to use funds from the endowment to search for leading-edge neurosurgical treatments for brain tumors.

The Department of Neurological Surgery in the UC Davis School of Medicine is home to internationally recognized experts in neurosurgical disorders. It offers a full range of technologies to provide the most current and effective treatment for the entire spectrum of neurological disease. Clinical and basic science research provides the foundational support for comprehensive patient care.

The department is part of a multidisciplinary referral center for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease. Subspecialty expertise is available in spine, pediatric, oncologic, epilepsy and functional neurosurgery. State-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical techniques are used in a variety of disease processes, including skull-base tumors, degenerative spine disease and craniofacial disorders.

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