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UC Davis Vascular Center

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Timothy K. Williams

Clinical Interests

Dr. Williams specializes in vascular and endovascular surgery. Specific interests include the management of aortic disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, as well as visceral and renal disease. He also treats a variety of venous pathology. Additionally, Dr. Williams is an active duty member of the US Air Force.

Dr. Williams believes that optimal patient care involves lifestyle and risk factor modification, individualized care while observing recognized best practices, and a collaborative relationship between the patient and provider. He recognizes the importance of patient education across the spectrum of care, from preventative medicine to acute illness, and incorporates this into his daily clinical practice.


Assistant Clinical Professor


Vascular and Endovascular Care



Vascular Surgery


Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center
Vascular Center
4860 Y St., Suite 2100
Sacramento, CA 95817
Driving Directions
Phone: 916-734-3800

Additional Phone:

Physician Referrals: 800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)


M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2004
B.A., University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, 2000


Thomas Jefferson Univ Hosp, Philadelphia, PA, 2004


Thomas Jefferson Univ Hosp, Philadelphia, PA, 2005-10


The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 2010-12

Board Certifications:

American Board of Surgery - Vascular Surgery, 2013
General Surgery, 2011

Professional Memberships:

American College of Surgeons
Society for Vascular Surgery

Select Recent Publications:

Lum YW, Brooke BS, Arnaoutakis GJ, Williams TK, Black JH. Endovascular Procedures in Patients With Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome: A Review of Clinical Outcomes and Iatrogenic Complications. Ann of Vasc Surg. 2011 Jan; 26(1): 25-33.

Williams TK, Costantino CL, Bildzukewicz NA, Richards NG, Rittenhouse DW, et al. 2010 pp32 (ANP32A) Expression Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth and Induces Gemcitabine Resistance by Disrupting HuR Binding to mRNAs. PLoS ONE. 2010 Nov; 5(11): e15455

Williams TK, Rosato EL, Kennedy EP, Chojnacki KA, Andrel J, Hyslop T, Doria C, Sauter P, Bloom J, Yeo CJ, Berger AC. Impact of Obesity on Morbidity and Mortality Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy. J Am Coll Surg. 2009 Feb; 208(2):210-217

Williams TK, Yeo CJ, Brody JR. Does this band make sense? Limitations to expression based cancer studies. Cancer Letters. 2008 Nov; 271(1):81-4.

Witkiewicz A, Williams TK, Corzzitorto J, Durkan B, Showalter SL, Yeo C, Brody JR. Expression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma recruits regulatory T cells to avoid immune detection. J Am Coll Surg. 2008 May; 206(5):849-54.

Brody JR, Witkiewicz A, Williams TK, Kadkol SS, Cozzitorto J, Durkan B, Pasternack GR, and Yeo CJ. Reduction of pp32 expression in poorly differentiated pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas and intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms with moderate dysplasia. Mod Pathology. 2007 Dec; 20(12):1238–1244.

Martin ND, Schaner PJ, Tulenko TN, Shapiro IM, Dimatteo CA, Williams TK, Hager ES, DiMuzio PJ. In vivo behavior of decellularized vein allograft. Journal of Surgical Research. 2005 Nov;129(1):17-23.

To see if Timothy K. Williams is accepting new patients, or for assistance finding a UC Davis doctor, please call 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284).