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My work involves building mathematical and computer models of a variety of brain functions. Much of this work focuses on understanding how neurons can stably maintain activity that reflects a preceding stimulus, even after this stimulus is no longer present. Such activity is observed in a wide range of brain regions and its functional roles range from maintaining a short-term memory of a preceding stimulus (as seen in cortical neurons) to keeping the eyes stable in their orbits so that a non-blurry view of the world can be gathered by the visual system (as performed by the oculomotor neural integrator). My models seek to dissect the roles of intrinsic and synaptic mechanisms in generating such activity, and to understand the plasticity mechanisms that tune the relevant neuronal circuits. In separate research, I have been working to understand how neurons in the early visual system represent and encode information about objects in the external world.

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Center for Neuroscience


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American Physical Society

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience

Society for Neuroscience

Select Recent Publications

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