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Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psych SIG shadowing program

This program is intended to provide UC Davis medical students with an opportunity to explore the field of psychiatry.  Your experience in this program will enrich the breadth of your foundation for your eventual career, regardless of the specialty you choose. 

If you would like to shadow a psychiatrist for a half day, please contact the faculty member directly.   If you need assistance, please contact Dr. Joseph Sison at

Child Psychiatry - Joseph Sison, M.D.
(916) 875-3373

Acute Care/Inpatient Treatment - Martin Leamon, M.D.
(916) 875-1126 (ask for Medical Director, Dr. Leamon)

Adult Ambulatory Care - Paul Cox, M.D.
(916) 734-7811

Forensics - Charles Scott, M.D.
(916) 734-2614

Neuropsychiatry and Research - Richard Maddock, M.D.
(916) 734-3286

Substance Abuse - Martin Leamon, M.D.
(916) 734-5070

Psychosomatic Medicine - James Bourgeois, M.D.
(916) 734-4941

Jail Psychiatric Services - Gregory Sokolov, M.D.
(916) 874-8448

MIND Institute / Child:  Robert Hendren, D.O.
(916) 703-0252