• Instructor of record:  Lorin Scher, M.D. 
  • Instructor:  Varies 
  • Course duration:  4 weeks
  • Quarters:  I, II, III, IV
  • Units: 6
  • Location:  Off-campus medical school/mental health setting
  • Distribution of student's time:  Variable
  • Prerequisites:  Fourth-year medical student and consent of instructor
  • Course description:  This is an inpatient acting internship at an approved non-UC Davis Health System affiliated training program that will provide the student with experience and preparation for ambulatory medical care. Students will act in all capacities as an intern, albeit with a smaller number of patients and greater supervision, with responsibility for the ongoing care of assigned patients.
  • Enhancement modules:  Varies 
  • Clerkship objectives:  Varies
  • Commonly seen conditions:  Varies

Contact information

Naima Carter
Elective Course Coordinator
Phone (916) 734-2614
Fax (916) 734-3384
E-mail: nacarter@ucdavis.edu