• Instructor of record:  Lorin Scher, M.D. 
  • Instructor:  Varies
  • Course duration:  2 weeks
  • Quarters: I, II, III, IV
  • Units: Three non-clinical units 
  • Location: Unspecified
  • Distribution of student's time:
    • Independent reading:  80%
    • Discussion:  20%
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Enhancement modules:  None
  • Course description:   This is a special elective for students of the UC Davis School of Medicine who wish to work with a specific faculty member on mutually determined subjects.  This elective may help the student to pursue more specific topics in psychiatry in greater depth than during their first clerkship.  It may also help the student to decide upon a career in Psychiatry.  In addition to directed discussions with the faculty preceptor, a paper summarizing the students work and findings is required. 
  • Clerkship objectives:  Varies 
  • Commonly seen conditions:  Varies

Contact information

Naima Carter
Elective Course Coordinator
Phone (916) 734-2614
Fax (916) 734-3384
E-mail: nacarter@ucdavis.edu