• Instructor of record:  Lorin Scher, M.D. 
  • Instructor(s):  Mark Choa, M.D., Alan Koike, M.D., and Hendry Ton, M.D. 
  • Course duration:  4 weeks
  • Quarters:  I, II, III, IV
  • Units:  6
  • Location(s):  Adult Psychiatric Support Services Bowling Green Clinic and Transcultural Wellness Center 
  • Distribution of student's time:
    • Outpatient care: 90%
    • Conferences/lectures: 10%
  • Prerequisites:  Psychiatry core clerkship and/or consent of clerkship director
  • Course description:  Students will gain experience in the clinical management and treatment of adult outpatients with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders; including crisis assessment and intervention, comprehensive outpatient evaluation and development of a differential diagnosis and treatment plan. The latter includes an emphasis on the principles of outpatient psychopharmacology and brief psychotherapy, observation of group psychotherapy, individual supervision by experienced clinicians and participation in clinic conferences. All experiences are within the Department of Psychiatry in Sacramento. This is a valuable elective for students who anticipate careers in primary care specialties, where the management of psychiatric disorders presents a daily challenge to the non-psychiatric physician. Students pursuing careers in psychiatry have an opportunity to learn about outpatient psychiatric practice.
  • Enhancement modules:  Any 
  • Clerkship objectives:
    • Improve ability to take a psychiatric history, perform a mental status exam, and generate a DSM-IV differential diagnosis
    • Gain proficiency in using the biopsychosocial model in assessment and treatment
    • Improve ability to care for patients from various cultural groups
    • Improve knowledge and use of psychotropic medications
  • Commonly seen conditions:
    • Major depressive disorder
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Panic disorder
    • Personality disorders
    • Substance abuse/dependence
    • Bipolar II disorder

Contact information

Naima Carter
Elective Course Coordinator
Phone (916) 734-2614
Fax (916) 734-3384
E-mail: nacarter@ucdavis.edu