The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offers medical students a number of psychiatry electives. The core clinical electives are tailored toward fourth year medical students. These experiences range from inpatient acting internships at community, VA, forensic, and private hospitals to outpatient experiences in community, child, combined medicine-psychiatry, and cultural psychiatry settings. Students also meet weekly with the electives program director in small group discussions that focus on clinical skills building, leadership, and professional development. Other offerings include research opportunities, reading electives, and clinical preceptorships at the Willow Clinic, a student-run clinic utilizing a combined primary care-psychiatry approach.

How to apply for our psychiatry electives at UC Davis

UC Davis Medical Students - Please apply via eFlight.  UC Davis medical students interested in doing a rotation at an outside institution should apply via the Association of American Medical Colleges' Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) to complete your off-campus elective registration. Once you have been accepted with the outside institution, it is very important to contact the Department's elective course coordinator, Naima Carter ( at least two weeks prior to the start of your rotation in order to receive credit. 

Please note:  If the Department's elective course coordinator is not notified prior to taking the away elective, you will not receive credit.

Visiting Medical Students - Please apply via VSAS. All visiting students who would like to be considered for an elective need to complete a supplemental application (PDF).  If you are interested in our combined medicine/psychiatry elective, please complete the combined medicine/psychiatry supplemental application (PDF).  You do not need to complete both supplemental applications if you are only interested in the combined elective. For more information on the visiting student application process, please visit the UC Davis School of Medicine website.

International Medical Students - Unfortunately, due to the faculty and staff demands of accommodating UC Davis medical students and visiting students from around the nation, we are unable to accept students from international medical schools at this time.

Core Clinical Electives Other Electives
PSY 413
Outpatient: Child & Adult Psychiatry
PSY 412
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
PSY 414
Psychosomatic Medicine
PSY 422
Readings in Psychiatry
PSY 417
Forensic Psychiatry
PSY 423
Willow Clinic elective
PSY 418
Unspecified Off-campus Clinical Elective
PSY 499
Psychiatry Research
PSY 420
Acting Internship in Inpatient Psychiatry
PSY 421
Combined Internal Medicine/Psychiatry elective
PSY 488
Acting Internship in Inpatient Psychiatry, Away Rotation