Matthew Adams, M.D.Matthew Adams, M.D., PGY-1

Matthew received a B.S. in Public Health from Brigham Young University. He attended medical school at Duke where he was a member of the primary care leadership track and received training in healthcare leadership, primary care, community engagement, public health, quality improvement, and self-care. He enjoys working with youth, having coached boys high school basketball and taught Sunday school.


James Tur, M.D.James Tur, M.D., PGY-1

I choose a combined program in internal medicine and psychiatry because I have a desire to treat patients at the crossroads of these two specialties. Whether facing a terminal diagnosis, experiencing prolonged homelessness, or simply being unlucky enough to struggle with mental illness and physical disease, patients need to understand the interaction of the mind and the body in order to begin the healing process. I chose UC Davis because of its strong internal medicine and psychiatry programs as well as its location adjacent to the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains.


Joseph Kim, M.D.Joseph Kim, M.D., PGY-2

To be fair, I am biased because I am a Sacramento native and my family still lives in the area. However, I was and am incredibly excited to have matched at UC Davis because the program already feels like my second family. Everyone from my fellow residents to the faculty and ancillary staff create a friendly environment where we can learn as young physicians and focus our efforts on taking care of the patient and still have a well-balanced lifestyle. Growing up in Sacramento, I never thought I'd return, but it continues to surprise me with all it has to offer from new hip bars and restaurants to easily accessible outdoor activities and its close proximity to San Francisco/Tahoe. You should take a gander, you won't regret it!


Luther Arms, M.D.Luther Arms, PGY-2
UC Davis impressed me as a place with collegial, driven and community- minded people. I was drawn to Med-psych as a field that is personally rewarding and full of professional opportunity. That spirit is evident in my fellow combined residents, a group of incredibly funny, intelligent and genuine people. The faculty here value the unique perspective the combined programs bring and there is a lot going on here in combined training – research, med-psych clinics, primary care psychiatry and integrated care. As a Seattleite used to dreariness and mild summers, Sacramento has taken some getting used to, but it’s a fantastically diverse city that is rapidly changing. There is tons of stuff to do: fantastic restaurants and bars, wine tasting 20 minutes away, river floating, bike riding and awesome farmer’s markets. I am glad you’re interested and look forward to meeting you!


Philippe Levy, M.D.Philippe Levy, M.D., PGY-3

I first learned about the Internal Medicine/Psychiatry program as a UC Davis medical student, and I’m thrilled to continue my training here as a resident!  I believe that combined training reflects a spirit of medicine that is both science and art, a way of thinking about medical pathology and the subjective experiences of our patients in a balanced and humanistic way.  Deeply ingrained in this style of thinking is a commitment to the under-served and in caring for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society.  These individuals often have challenging medical issues in tandem with behavioral health needs that can lead to gaps in their care if both issues cannot be addressed simultaneously.

When deciding to come to UC Davis, I immediately thought of the passionate commitments of the combined faculty towards these goals. I was also extremely impressed by the quality of medical education and support from residency leadership within both respective departments.  I see my career moving forward as one characterized by varied patient care, interdisciplinary leadership, and teaching; I think that our residency program will be excellent preparation for any number of the types of practice that are possible with a combined residency. Here in Sacramento, I really enjoy walking/biking along the American River Parkway trails, checking out new local eateries, and making the quick trip down to Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg for wine tasting.  I hope that you consider our program!


Simone LewSimone Lew, M.D., PGY-3
I am thrilled to join the UC Davis Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program! While doing an away rotation at UC Davis I had the opportunity to work at a variety of clinical sites with several combined faculty members and residents. The residents at UC Davis are thoughtful, innovative, and passionate about their work, and the dedicated and talented faculty provide exceptional support and mentorship.  I chose to do combined Med-Psych training because I plan to work in the correctional system where the incidence of co-morbid physical and psychiatric illness is higher than the general population. Medicine-Psychiatry is a rapidly growing field and UC Davis is at the forefront of this specialty.  I know that I will receive exceptional, unparalleled training at UC Davis, and I am excited and honored to be a part of the Davis Med-Psych family!  I am looking forward to living in beautiful Sacramento, and excited to partake in all the wonderful activities that this city has to offer with my amazing co-residents!


Eleasa SokolskiEleasa Sokolski, M.D., PGY-3
The reason I chose UC Davis for my IMP residency was because of the incredible people!  I spent a month at UC Davis during my fourth year of medical school rotating on the med-psych elective.  The faculty members I met were extremely dedicated to integrated med-psych care and were wonderful teachers.  The residents were so welcoming and supportive of one another- it was easy to feel the strong sense of community!  The program also strongly advocates for resident interests in research, exploring subspecialties, and career choices.  I knew that UC Davis was a place I could explore my many interests within medicine and psychiatry, and find a community of amazing people to spend the next 5 years with.  One of the things I love about Sacramento is that there are tons of locally owned coffee shops with great drinks/food and plenty of seating. On a day off I love to go to one of these shops and read a book. I’m also a rock climber, so you’ll often find me at the local rock climbing gym.


Christine Kho, M.D. Christine Kho, M.D., PGY-4
UC Davis is at the forefront of primary care and psychiatry, producing research and resources for clinicians across the country. Med-psych is a burgeoning field, and it's happening right here! Given my interests in health disparities among people with serious mental illness, integrated collaborative care, and cultural psychiatry, UC Davis was the best, next step in my medical career. While both the internal medicine and psychiatry departments are individually strong, the combined program offers the additional talent of numerous dually-trained faculty and a supportive setting that fosters creativity, research, and leadership among its residents. I look forward to the next five years at UC Davis!


American Psychiatric Association Leadership Fellow
American College of Psychiatrists PRITE Fellow
Association of Medicine and Psychiatry Fenton Outstanding Combined Resident Award
California Psychiatric Association Government Affairs Committee Member (invited as resident member)
Central California Psychiatric Society Resident Representative

National CME Presentations

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting
American College of Physicians Annual Meeting
Association of Medicine and Psychiatry Annual Meeting
California Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
Central California Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting

Publications (topics in medical journals and book chapters)

Medical disparities and preventive medicine
Metabolic syndrome
Integrated psychiatric residency education
Alcohol and substance misuse
Diabetes and depression
Pain and psychiatric illness
Somatic symptom disorder
Mood disorders
Major depressive disorder (practice guidelines)
Hypertension and psychiatric illness
Cardiac disease and psychiatric illness
Cancer prevention and psychiatric illness