Natural History Studies – Neuromuscular Research Center

High resolution ultrasonographic measurements of the median nerve before and after wrist splinting for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Principal Investigator

Jay Han, M.D.


Colleen Anthonisen, B.A.

Study Details

Brief Summary
This study will look at gender differences in high resolution ultrasonographic measurements of the median nerve as it relates to carpal tunnel syndrome, and predictors of good outcome with conservative management.


This is a natural history study of carpal tunnel syndrome and consists of nerve conduction studies, ultrasound and questionnaires at two study visits separated by 6 weeks of wrist splinting, along with a 3 month follow-up questionnaire via mail. Compensation will be provided for all visits.


Inclusion Criteria:

  • 18 years or older
  • Diagnosis of mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Control subjects without symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Evidence of severe carpal tunnel syndrome, or chronic symptoms greater than 1 year
  • Rheumatologic disorders or untreated hypothyroidism
  • Undergoing or previously treated for carpal tunnel syndrome on affected side. This includes surgery (carpal tunnel release), corticosteroid injections, consistent bracing within the last 3 months, or any other intervention
  • Currently pregnant or < 3 months post-partum
  • History of wrist, hand fracture or severe trauma to affected hand and/or wrist
  • Known tumor, mass or deformity of the hand/wrist
  • Inflammatory articular disease of the joints or tendons
  • Existing cervical radiculopathy or previous surgeries to the neck for radicular symptoms
  • History of electrodiagnostic evidence of generalized polyneuropathy or evidence of denervation
  • Diagnosed neuromuscular disorders which may complicate carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis
  • Implanted electronic device (pacemaker, intrathecal pump/stimulator)
  • Not fluent in English

Recruitment Status

Currently Recruiting