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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Spinal Cord Injury

The Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at the UC Davis Medical Center Department of PM&R offers comprehensive rehabilitation for individuals who have suffered from a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).  Our rehabilitation staff has been trained and prepared to help patients cope with the challenges that may arise from SCI.  The rehabilitation staff at the UC Davis Medical Center Department of PM&R can offer patients information and resources which can help the patient and their family ensure a smooth and transition back into the home, community and work or school setting. 

For more information on education, support and research on SCI, we have found the following Web sites to be very helpful in learning more about living and coping with SCI:

  • The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center SCI-FYI Project is a comprehensive resource guide intended for anyone needing information on services to assist people with SCI and their families in independent living, vocational services, legal services, support groups and financial aid and assistance related to spinal cord injury. 
  • There is also the Project Enable Freewheeling Internet Guide which offers internet information resources for individuals with SCI such as an internet training site, SCI chat rooms, peer support, assistive technology sites, career related Web sites and personal Web pages of people who have SCI.  Project Enable Spinal Cord Injury Bookstore offers a good list of Spinal Cord Injury related books available from online bookstore.
  • The Spinal Cord Injury Information Network offers information in many topics regarding SCI such as medical information, equipment & accessibility topics, training/education programs, SCI/disability organizations and health care issues.        
  • The University of Washington NW Regional Spinal Cord Injury System offers information resources in Spinal Cord Injury over their Web site including on-line pamphlets for staying healthy after a spinal cord injury on issues such as Taking Care of Pressure Sores, Taking Care of Your Bladder, Bladder Management and Taking Care of Your Skin.  The site also includes their own Spinal Cord Injury Update Newsletter to view online.  You should also check out their SCI Forum site for summaries of forums held on many important topics of concern in SCI such as Aging and SCI, Parenting and SCI, Sex and SCI and Traveling with SCI.  These reports offer some very interesting personal insights made by individuals living with SCI and how their lives have been affected.