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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Awards and Positions of Leadership Faculty and Former Residents


  • California Society of PM&R
    • Executive Director. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1982-86; M.M. Portwood, M.D., 1989-91
    • District Director. V. Ugalde, M.D., 1996-00
    • President. A.M. Abels, M.D., 1996
    • Vice-President. V. Ugalde, M.D., 1999

  • Award of Merit, Outstanding Physician, California Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1972

  • Physician of the Year Award, California Governor's Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1995

  • California State Assembly. Resolution #2425 Relative to Commending W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D. Upon the Occasion of His Retirement as Chair, Department of PM&R, U C Davis. Honorable William J. Filante, M.D. 8/5/82.


  • American Academy of PM&R
    • President. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1980-81
    • Krusen Award. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1994

  • Association of Academic Physiatrists
    • Member-at-large. J.S. Lieberman, M.D., 1995-97
    • Young Academician Award. C.M. McDonald, M.D., 1997
    • Best Paper Award. Excellence in Research Writing. M.A. Wineinger, M.D., 1998

  • PM&R Education and Research Foundation
    • Vice-President. W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1981-86
    • New Investigator Award
      • M.M. Portwood, M.D., 1985
      • V. Ugalde, M.D., 1996
    • Best Paper Award. G.T. Carter, M.D., 1994

  • American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Vice-President. J.S. Lieberman, M.D.

  • Achives of PM&R
    • Editorial Board
      • W.M. Fowler, Jr., M.D., 1972-76
      • David Kilmer, M.D., __-p
    • Editor-in-Chief. J.S. Lieberman, M.D.

  • National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers. Certificate of Commendation. W.M. Fowler, M.D., 1995


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Time Line