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Inpatient Services

Main inpatient pharmacy

Pharmacists in this 24-hour pharmacy screen medication orders for appropriateness and enter them into patient-specific medication profiles in the Pharmacy Information System.   These profiles interface with the Pyxis Profiling MedStation System located in every inpatient care area which makes authorized doses available for administration by the nurse.  As needed, first dose unit-of-use medications and aseptically prepared IV admixtures are provided for inpatients.  Pharmacists intervene with physicians and nurses to ensure that medication orders are appropriate for the patient and consistent with UC Davis Medical Center medication use guidelines.  Pharmacists provide specialized expertise in intensive care. 

We also provide services  daily with an emphasis on Oncology and Pediatric needs.  Injectable chemotherapy doses are prepared using the vertical laminar air flow hood to protect the sterility of the product and the safety of the operator.  Pharmacists provide specialized expertise in oncology and pediatrics.

Operating room satellite pharmacy

This area provides services as described above (Main Inpatient Pharmacy) 12 hours each weekday with an emphasis on Anesthesia and Operating Room needs.  Pharmacists provide specialized expertise in anesthesia, surgery and controlled substance utilization.

Central IV and unit dose pharmacies

Central IV admixture area prepares and distributes total parenteral nutrition solutions, hospital-wide batch IV admixtures and special sterile preparations.   Central Unit Dose area fills patients' 24-hour non-IV admixture medication drawers.

Nutrition suppprt service

Pharmacist cooperates with the Clinical Nutrition Service to monitor al TPN patients, provide parenteral nutrition drug information and Nutrition Service CQI monitors.

Investigational drug service

This area maintains a central inventory of investigational drugs, provides investigational drug information and inventory management of all investigational drugs at UC Davis Medical Center.

Infectious disease pharmacist

Works with Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Service to optimize antibiotic use.  Implements decisions regarding therapeutic antibiotic usage.  Enforces formulary restrictions on antibiotics.  Monitors infectious disease patients and use of restricted antibiotics.


With primary service, assesses and monitors all inpatients receiving warfarin or heparin to increase efficacy and decrease toxicity.

Pain management

Assesses all PCA patients daily for efficacy and toxicity and assists primary service in safe and effective management.