Jeremiah J. Duby, Pharm.D., BCPS

Current Title(s):

  • Senior Clinical Pharmacist
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Touro University College of Pharmacy
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine

At UC Davis Medical Center since: 2007

Program Director since: 2010


  • Pharm.D., Washington State University, 2003
  • PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of Arizona, 2004
  • PGY-2 Critical Care Pharmacy Residency, University of Arizona, 2005

Professional Biography

Dr. Jeremiah Duby is the Senior Critical Care Pharmacist and Specialty Critical Care Residency Program Director for UC Davis Medical Center. He serves as Assistant Clinical Professor for Touro University (TU) College of Pharmacy, UCSF School of Pharmacy, and UC Davis School of Medicine.  His principle practice is in clinical patient care with Trauma Surgery, Burn Surgery, Medical ICU, and Parenteral Nutrition services.  These activities serve as inspiration for his roles in policy and protocol development and research.  Additionally, he provides didactic lectures for TU and UC San Francisco students on acute care topics that include clinical pharmacokinetics, fluid/electrolyte abnormalities, acute pain, sepsis/septic shock, acid-base disorders, skin-soft tissue infections, pneumonia, and clinical toxicology.  Current research interests range from alcohol withdrawal syndrome to diabetic ketoacidosis to acute arrhythmias.

Dr. Duby graduated from Washington State University (2003) and then a completed pharmacy practice residency (PGY-1, 2004, William L. Fritz, MS, FASHP) and critical care residency (PGY-2, 2005, Brian L. Erstad, Pharm.D., FCCM) with an emphasis in infectious diseases and nutrition at the University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC).  He first served as an infectious diseases pharmacist for Kaiser Permanente (2005 – 2007), helping pilot and establish a successful antimicrobial stewardship service with Stephen M. Parodi, M.D., which later became as model of patient care for the region.

Selected Publications

Nagle E, Dager WE, Duby JJ, Roberts A, Murthy M, Kenny L, Pretzlaff R. Bivalirudin in pediatric patients maintained on extracorporeal life support. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. (pending press).

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Bajorek S, Duby JJ, Heintz S, Heintz H, Cocanour CS. Risk factors, prevalence, course, and complications of atrial fibrillation in critically ill trauma patients. 42nd Critical Care Congress. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Display and Professor Walk Rounds. January 20, 2013.

Murthy M, Nagle E, Parker P, Duby JJ. Doseresponse effect of rescue intravenous dextrose for hypoglycemia in critically ill patients. 42nd Critical Care Congress. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Display and Oral Presentation. January 20, 2013.

Berry A, Cocanour CS, Duby JJ. Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) that Complicates the Course of Critically Ill Patients. [abstract/poster]. 41st Critical Care Congress. Houston, TX: Display and Professor Walk Rounds. February 7, 2012.

Murthy M, Nagle E, Duby JJ, Roach D, Parker P. Dose Response to Rescue Intravenous Dextrose Administration following Hypoglycemic Events with an Insulin Infusion Protocol in Critically Ill Burn Patients. [abstract/poster]. 41st Critical Care Congress. Houston, TX: Display and Professor Walk Rounds. February 7, 2012.

Nagle E, Pretzlaff R, Duby JJ, Roberts JA,Murthy M, Dager WE. A Case Series Describing the Use of Bivalirudin in Pediatric Patients Maintained on Extracorporeal Life Support. [abstract/poster]. 41st Critical Care Congress. Houston, TX. February 4, 2012.

VonMuenster SJ, Cocanour CS, Duby JJ. Prevalence and Course of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) in Critically Ill Trauma Patients. [abstract/poster]. Annual Meeting. Western Surgical Association. Tucson, AZ: Podium Presentation, November 13, 2011.

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