William Dager, Pharm.D., BCPS (AQ-Cardiology)


Current Title(s):

  • Pharmacist Specialist, UC Davis Medical Center
  • Clinical Professor of Medicine, UC Davis School of Medicine
  • Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, Touro University College of Pharmacy

At UC Davis Medical Center since: 1985

Program Director since: 2009


  • Pharm.D., UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, 1985
  • General Pharmacy Residency, UC Davis Medical Center, 1986
  • Nephrology Pharmaceutical Care Preceptorship, University of Pittsburgh, 1995

Professional Biography

Bill is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist with added qualifications in cardiology. He is aclinical specialist at UC Davis Medical Center, where his practice focus is cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and anticoagulation. He is also involved in pharmacokinetics and management of selected critical care-related situations. He is the director of the PGY-2 residency in cardiology. He currently holds three academic positions, primarily as volunteer faculty.

Bill is a recipient of multiple teaching and mentoring awards, including the ACCP Best Practice award in 2008. He is a reviewer and/or editorial board member for multiple medical journals, including chair of the Editorial Advisory Board panel on anticoagulation for the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. He is also a site coordinator for the ASHP foundation anticoagulation preceptorship.

Bill has authored over 70 peer reviewed articles, over 12 book chapters, and is a co-editor of the ASHP Anticoagulation Therapy POC guide. He is an active lecturer, both nationally and internationally, and has research interests involving anticoagulation, critical care, cardiovascular disease, and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics.

Selected Publications

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