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Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Discovering and Sharing Knowledge to Advance Health

Pharmacology faculty focus on a variety of research areas and diseases to develop new drug therapies that advance health.

Research areas of interest

Ion channels Molecular and cellular neurobiology  Functional genomics / proteomics 
Heike Wulff  Elva Diaz Elva Diaz
Chao-Yin Chen Chao-Yin Chen Peggy Farnham 
Angela Gelli Angela Gelli
Michael Wright
Transcription and gene regulation  Cell signaling  Cardiovascular
Elva Diaz Elva Diaz Anne Knowlton
Peggy Farnham  Anne Knowlton  Chao-Yin Chen 
David Segal  Michael Wright  Anne Knowlton

Research areas by disease

Cancer Heart diseases  Gene therapy
Elva Diaz  Anne Knowlton                David Segal
Peggy Farnham  Chao-Yin Chen


Michael Wright  


Autoimmune diseases Infectious disease             
Heike Wulff Angela Gelli