Kathleen Angkustiri, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Angkustiri's research interests include neurodevelopmental disorders; focused on autism spectrum disorders, particularly gene-environment interactions and targeted interventions, 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome and Fragile X.

Randi Hagerman, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Hagerman's research includes molecular and clinical studies in individuals with the full mutation of fragile X and those with the permutation.  Studies also focis on the correlation of molecular parameters including the FMRP level and cognitive and physical features associated with fragile X syndrome.  She also investigates the molecular, clinical, and pathological basis of fragile X associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS).  In addition she studies the association between fragile X and autism.

Robin Hansen, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Hansen's research involves investigation of the genetic and environmental influences on the etiology and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorders.  She also studies the developmental and behavioral outcomes of infants and young children at risk because of biomedical and psychosocial factors, and is involved in a state-wide demonstration project to provide comprehensive developmental screening and expanded intervention services to at-risk families.