While clinical rotations form an essential part of the learning experience for neonatal fellows, instruction in the core and neonatal topics is provided in conferences and courses.

Regular divisional conferences

Physiology and Pathophysiology conference

Weekly conference presented by Faculty, or discussion in a moderated Journal Club prepared by one or two fellows. The chosen topics provide a foundation to understanding and managing newborn diseases.

Research/Curriculum conference

Monthly conference where ongoing research is presented by faculty or fellows. Practical instruction in core and clinical neonatal topics take place on an alternate basis.

Board review

Monthly conference by fellows presenting an in-depth review of a neonatal clinical topic.

Mortality and Morbidity Review

Monthly conference that reviews selected patient cases for purpose of quality assurance and education.

Clinical Divisional meeting

Monthly conference  which addresses administrative and clinical items related to the conduct of care in the NICU. Fellows are required to participate in at least one CQI project during their training.

Journal Club

Monthly conference where fellows present a review and evaluation of up-to-date literature pertinent to neonatal diseases, their pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapy.

Clinical Consensus meeting

Divisional meeting where the group reviews the latest evidence for a variety of practices with the goal of establishing a consensus approach to clinical problems such as neonatal abstinence, feeding protocols, lipid use, etc.

Fellows Rounds

Monthly conference where a fellow focuses on diagnosis and/or management discussions related to current patients.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Lecture

One of the cardiothoracic surgeons meets with the neonatology fellows monthly to review physiology and management of cardiac disease.

Fetal Treatment Team Meeting

Weekly conference with Neonatology, MFM, Pediatric Surgery, Cardiology, Anesthesia, Neurosurgery, and other surgical subspecialties to discuss ongoing care of fetuses with congenital anomalies. Candidates for fetal surgery and plans for delivery of high risk patients are discussed.

Fellow Simulation and Procedure Sessions

Sessions held throughout the year for neonatology fellows with emphasis on advanced procedures such as pericardiocentesis, chest tube placement, exchange transfusion, etc. These sessions also include exposure to simulation scenarios such as delivery of extremely preterm infants, infants with arrhythmias, and other neonatal resuscitations.

Regular departmental conferences

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Weekly conference that brings in experts to present new and developing topics in Pediatrics. Fellows are expected to present a topic of their choice during the third year of training.

NICU Morning Report

Monthly conference aimed at discussing an existing or recent NICU case for the benefit of Pediatric residents.

Resident Conference

This daily conference instructs residents in a variety of clinical topics. Neonatal faculty or fellows present topics of neonatal importance

Other conferences and courses

PCOR summer course

As part of its Primary Care Outcomes Research (PCOR) fellowship curriculum, the Center for Health Policy and Research offers a yearly intensive, week-long course designed to introduce fellows to methods in clinical epidemiology and health services research. This course includes basic biostatistics, epidemiology, research design, survey methods, practical data analysis, and qualitative research.

CTSC conferences

The UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) has an established program of conferences and courses to teach fellows and junior faculty principles, methods and ethics of clinical and translational research.

Center for Virtual Care conferences

The UC Davis Clinical for Virtual Care (CVC) has an established program of conferences and courses to improve skills such as debriefing, forming educational simulation scenarios, etc. A fellowship in Simulation Medicine is also available.