Education and Leadership Opportunities

We value and highly encourage resident participation in committees that are relevant to resident education and patient care. Residents from each year are active and vital participants in Education Committees (Curriculum and Evaluation Committee, Career Development and Advising Committee, Medical Student Education Committee) as well as Patient Care Committees (Ward Committee, Resident Group Practice Committee, Resident Medical Staff, Palliative Care).

Perspective from one of our residents – Emiley Fong (PGY3)

Emiley Fong, PGY3

What I love most about the pediatric residency program at UC Davis is its ability to combine great medical training with an equally diverse range of leadership opportunities.& As an intern I was introduced to my role as a community leader through a program called Communities and Health Professionals Together (CHPT). Through this experience I have developed a close relationship with Harmony Healthy Family Resource Center in Marysville, and have participated in programs that educate families about the importance of responsible parenting, healthy nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention.  As the residency program's American Academy of Pediatrics representative I have also had the opportunity to participate in various forms of legislative advocacy, from visiting the state capital to lobbying on current child health issues to providing my fellow residents with up to date information on state bills and AAP policies that will affect our patients.

At home in the Medical Center, there are also various opportunities for residents to directly impact the quality of care that we provide our patients. My own experience has been with the pediatric Ward Committee, which meets once a month with nurses as well as other clinical staff. Last year's project focused on ways to improve communication, not only between physicians and nurses, but between the care team and its families. As a result of our work we’ve now introduced patient-centered rounds as well as a system for families to easily identify and differentiate between the attendings, residents and medical students that care for their children.

With the end of residency just months away, I can say with confidence that all my experiences at UC Davis have shown me that being a pediatrician is not only about mastering the necessary medical knowledge, but being an advocate for my patients and a leader in my community and workplace.