Dr. ArajUndergraduate: UCLA

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? I did two away rotations during my 4th year of medical school at UC Davis and loved how nice and approachable the residents and attendings were. I also knew it was a place where I would receive great pediatric training. Plus, it is close to my hometown and not too far from Tahoe!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics

Hobbies: Playing board games, reading for book club, cooking new recipes, skiing, and traveling.

Dr. BauerUndergraduate School: Stanford University

Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? Having always seen myself as a primary care person, I was immediately drawn to UCD's emphasis on general pediatrics and community outreach by way of education, disease prevention, and advocacy partnerships. In my time here as a medical student, I have also fallen in love with Sacramento and its diverse and stimulating population. I love the breadth of illness and demographic characteristics we have the opportunity to interact with here, and I plan to spend the rest of my career here!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General pediatrics, primary care, disease prevention, patient education, medical education

Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, exercising, spending time with friends and family, finding fun outdoor things to do with our dog, Ranger.

Dr. ChaffinUndergraduate School: The Johns Hopkins University

Medical School: University of California, Davis

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? Reason number one is the faculty. I learned so much from them as a medical student, not just about disease and treatment, but about the attitude and heart with which medicine should be practiced. I want to be like them when I grow up. Reason number two is the culture the residents have developed here: super down-to-earth and supportive. I felt like they would have my back and be right there with me when things got tough. Reason number three is the practice setting. It's actually pretty rare to have enough diversity in your patient population that you can see pretty much all you need to as a resident at just one site. It's a good mix of specialty care and general peds.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Critical care, Global Health, Medical devices

Hobbies: Eating, cooking, tinkering on old cars, working with wood.

Dr. ChouUndergraduate School: University of California, Berkeley

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? As cheesy as it sounds, I was truly inspired by the presentation that the program director gave during my interview day. It showed me that this program is committed to training residents who will make a positive impact on the community, which is really important to me. The faculty all seemed wholly dedicated to resident education, and I loved that the program was small/medium-sized but within a large academic center. I was also struck by how friendly and down-to-earth the residents were.

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics

Hobbies: Eating, going to cute coffee shops, running.

Dr. DanielUndergraduate School: UC Berkeley

Medical School: UC Davis

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? I loved attending medical school at UC Davis and enjoyed working with the wonderful faculty and residents on the Pediatrics rotation. UC Davis is an excellent match for my personal career goals, especially through the numerous ways that the program supports and encourages community involvement, quality improvement, and residents as teachers. My personal support system is also close by. I look forward to continuing to work in the friendly and collaborative environment of UC Davis.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Adolescent Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Pediatrics, Pediatric Hospitalist

Hobbies: Hiking/backpacking, cooking, soccer, reading, singing, yoga.

Dr. GuptaUndergraduate School: UC Berkeley

Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? It's a perfectly sized program which offers the benefits of an outstanding academic center while still being deeply connected to serving the needs of its surrounding community and California, as a whole. The housestaff and faculty seem genuinely happy and excited to work there, and the location can't be beat!

Clinical Areas of Interest: Neonatology, Critical Care, Hospital Medicine, Community Health and Advocacy

Hobbies: Reading, doing yoga, drinking lots of good coffee, being outside (from hiking in the mountains to laying on the beach), finding delicious (vegetarian) food, and traveling.

Dr. HinesUndergraduate School: Stanford

Medical School: Stanford

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? Supportive and enthusiastic staff, incredible research and policy opportunities, diverse city population, and down-to-earth colleagues.

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics, GI, Neuro



Dr. KwongUndergraduate School: University of Washington

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? The people at UC Davis were incredibly welcoming and genuine. I immediately felt like I fit in. The program also offers a great depth and breadth of residency training and is situated at a wonderful location in California!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics and Hospital Medicine

Hobbies: Yoga, racket sports, hiking, cooking, baking and discovering new brunch spots.

Dr. LingUndergraduate School: University of Rochester

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? On the interview trail, you learn that "gut-feeling" is a real and powerful thing; the program felt like "home" from the get-go. I preferred the more intimate size of the residency program; and faculty were friendly, knowledgeable, and treated me like a future colleague. With regards to my more specific interests in acute care medicine (i.e. NICU, PICU, etc), I felt Davis had all the resources I would need for my career development and great exposure to both strange and complex to bread and butter medicine.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Neonatology, Critical Care

Hobbies: Muay Thai Kickboxing, cooking/baking, reading, relaxation. Less often: dance, painting, and calligraphy.

Dr. LuUndergraduate School: UC Berkeley

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? As I left my interview day, I thought to myself, "I can totally see myself being here!" The faculty was very sweet and I felt like I jived with the residents during the interview.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Cardiology, EM, Heme/Onc

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends, spin, zumba, and yelping new restaurants :)

Dr. SpeierUndergraduate School: University of Minnesota: Twin Cities

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? I chose the UC Davis Residency Program for its emphasis on education, the friendly staff and residents I got to know on my interview day, and the fact that its numerous opportunities will help me in whatever path I take following residency. I knew after my interview day that this program would be a great fit for me!

Clinical Areas of Interest: Neonatology, general outpatient pediatrics, pediatric hospitalist, advocacy

Hobbies: Horseback riding, cooking, reading, dancing, snuggling with pets.

Dr. StewartUndergraduate School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? There are so many reasons! I loved the size of the program and the education involvement by both residents and attendings. The residents are a close knit group and have forged friendships with other hospital staff. There is a diverse patient population. Probably most importantly, I just felt at home. Also, I'm an outdoorsy person and the day trip possibilities to Yosemite, Tahoe, wine country, and San Fransisco were very appealing.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Academic Complex Pediatric Care, General Pediatrics, Gastroenterology

Hobbies: Running, playing with our Goldendoodle, hiking, going to concerts, and skiing.

Dr. TribbleUndergraduate School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Medical School: Loyola University-Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program? I was drawn to the size of the program that facilitated close relationships between the faculty and residents as well as the flexibility of our schedules with opportunities for electives early on. In addition, I was thrilled with the leadership opportunities, the diverse patient population, and our ability to incorporate global health into our training. The warm weather was just an added bonus!

Clinical Areas of Interest: Global Health, Gastroenterology, Adolescent Medicine, Academic General Pediatrics

Hobbies: Volleyball, water sports, traveling, reading, cooking, trying new foods/restaurants, cheering on my favorite Chicago sports teams, and spending time with family and friends.