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Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

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Human Genomics Seminar Series and Other Events Calendar

Upcoming Talks

Title: The Prospect of Molecular Therapy for Neurologic Disease.
Speaker: David J. Segal, Ph.D., UC Davis Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology, MIND Institute, School of Medicine

Title: Undiagnosed Diseases and Genomic Variant Interpretation.
Speaker: Joseph Shieh, M.D., Ph.D., UCSF School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.

Title: The Role of Genomic Duplications in Human Evolution and Disease.
Speaker: Megan Dennis, Ph.D., UC Davis School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

Past Talks

Title: Current and Emerging Applications of Genomics in Cancer Medicine.
Speaker: Thomas Semrad, M.D., University of California, Davis, Internal Medicine.

Title: Perturbations in Nucleic Acid Metabolism and Epigenetic, Regulation as an Underlying Cause of Auto-Immunity in Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome.
Speaker: Fred Chedin, Ph.D., University of California, Davis, Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Title: Prader-Willi Syndrome: New Issues, New Treatments.
Speaker: Suzanne B. Cassidy, M.D., Professor, Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco

Title: Mapping the Placental Methylome at the Interface of Genetics and Environment in Autism Risk
Speaker: Janine Lasalle, Ph.D, Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, UC Davis Genome Center, UD Davis MIND Institute
Time & Location: 12:00 P.M. - Medical Education Building, Room 1341, 4610 X Street, Sacramento, CA

Title: The Role of Non-Coding DNA In Development and Disease
Speaker: Alex Nord, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Center for Neuroscience, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and Psychiatry, University of California, Davis
Time & Location: 12:00 P.M. - Medical Education Building, Room 2222, 4610 X Street, Sacramento, CA

Title: Haplotype Frequency Models: What They Are And Why They Matter
Speaker: Brian Browning, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Medicine, University of Washington

Title: Integrating Genomics Into Newborn Screening: Ethical And Practical Implications
Speaker: Aaron J. Goldenberg Ph.D, M.P.H -  Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Assistant Director, Center For Genetic Research Ethics And Law Case Western Reserve University.

Title: Human Genomics Seminar
Speaker: Frank R. Sharp, M.D.- Professor, Dept. of Neurology, UC Davis School of Medicine, UC Davis MIND Institute.

Event: Genomic Forum & Genomic Agenda

Title: The RASopathies: Novel Models of Germline Ras Pathway Dysregulation
Speaker: Kate Rauen, M.D., Ph.D - Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics Chief, Division of Genomic Medicine

Title:  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy In An Era Of Glucocorticoids: Updating The Natural History Through The Cinrg Dmd Natural History Study.
Speaker:  Erik Henricson, M.P.H.- Associate Director For Clinical Research; Department Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; NIDRR Rehabilitation Research & Training Center In Neuromuscular Disease University Of California, Davis

Title: Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: Clinical Course and a new Area of Research
Speaker:  Robert Weiss, M.D. - Professor of Medicine; Chief, Nephrology; VA Medical Center;
UC Davis Genome and Biomedical Sciences

Title: Child With a 21q22 Deletion and Family History of Lynch Syndrome: Review of Medical and Ethical Issues.
Speaker: Kris Herman, M.D.- Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California at Davis Medical Center; Division of Medical Genetics
Speaker: Donna Walgenbach, MS, LCGC- Obstetrics and Gynecology; University of California at Davis Medical Center

Title: MTHFR To Test or Not to Test?
Speaker: Liga Bivina, M.S., LCGC- Department of Pediatrics, Division of Genomic Medicine
UC Davis Medical Center, MIND Institute

Title: New Disorders of ER Export Defects.
Speaker: Jinoh Kim, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics UC Davis Medical Center

Title: Perinatal Palliative Care: What the Geneticist Needs to Know.
Speaker: Jennifer Cohen, M.D.- Palliative Medicine Fellow, UC Davis Medical Center

Title: Exome Sequencing in Clinical Practice: Efficient Medical Diagnosis and Gene Discovery.
Speaker: Stanley Nelson, M.D.- Department of Human Genetics David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Title: Arginase Deficiency: Treatment Considerations –The Past, Present and Future.
Speaker: Chung Lee, M.D.- Biochemical Fellow; UCSF Medical Center

Title: Broadening Spectrum of Mitochondrial Disorders.
Speaker: Pankaj Prasun, M.D.- Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellow Duke University

Title: Injectable gene activation therapy for angelman syndrome.
Speaker: David Segal, Ph.D.- Associate Director of Genomics, Genome Center Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology & MIND Institute University of California, Davis

Title: PTEN mutations Macrocephaly and Autism, a Review and Case Presentation.
Speaker: Barbara Friedman, M.D.- UC Davis Health System

Title: The Rasopathies: Genetics Syndromes of the RAS/MAPK pathway.
Speaker: Kate Rauen, M.D., Ph.D- Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics Chief, Division of Genomic Medicine

Title: Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Trisomy Tests: What you Need to Know
Speaker: Laila Rhee Morris, M.S., L.C.G.C. - UC Davis Health System, Department of OBGYN
Speaker: Nicole Mans, M.S., L.C.G.C.- UC Davis Health System, Department of Pediatrics