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Pediatric Heart Center

Pediatric Heart Center

Stories of Our Heart Heroes

Matthew Keiser"We made some great friends in the hospital, including Dr. Raff and his team, all of the physicians in the PICU/PCICU and his cardiologists Michael Choy and Mark Parrish,” Rick Keiser said. “Everyone was amazing, from the housekeeping staff to Dr. Raff. They were incredible... [keep reading]



Jordan MarshallAt the ER, Marshall felt like a character in a TV hospital drama. Doctors and nurses surrounded them, gloved hands touched and probed, an IV was hooked up and monitors beeped. Jordan’s heartbeat remained high, until a heart-slowing medication entered his system via his IV. Almost immediately his heartbeat plunged from 210 beats per minute to a healthy 89... [keep reading]


Cody Benning"It was really scary,” Benning said. “I had taken Cody to the doctor for what I thought was just a cold and some minor breathing problems. They checked his heart and other organs, found that his liver was enlarged and told me he had a cardiovascular condition... [keep reading]


Abby Beers"I don’t know how our lives would have been able to go on if she’d been two-and-a-half hours away in the Bay area or if we would have had to move there temporarily,” says Katie Beers. “To say it was vital that we’ve been able to do this at UC Davis is probably an understatement."... [keep reading]