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Pediatric Heart Center

Pediatric Heart Center

Your Care Team

The team is backed by many more who work hard to provide your child with the best possible care


Cardiologists diagnose and manage heart disease in newborns, infants, children, adolescents and adults. Many cardiologists specialize in one aspect of cardiac care, such as catheterization, echocardiography, intensive care unit, electrophysiology or adult care. Each patient has a primary cardiologist, but other cardiologists may be involved in a patient's care as well.

Cardiac surgeons 

Our Nation-renowned cardiac surgeons perform surgical procedures to treat from simple to complex congenital defects of the heart.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

The nurses provide assessment, physical care and emotional support to patients and families, as well as information, education and coordination of care. Nurse practitioners are nurses who have advanced education and specialized skills in cardiovascular care. They participate in the diagnosis, management and coordination of care for patients with heart disease. To contact one of our nurses please call (916) 734-0385.


Pediatric anesthesiologists assume an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A wide range of anesthesia techniques – from light sedation to general anesthesia are used to meet the special needs of each patient. Pain management after procedures is another concern and priority of the Cardiac Anesthesia Service. There is also a Pain Management service within the Department of Anesthesia.

Child life specialists

A child life specialist seeks to enhance patient's emotional, social and cognitive growth during a hospital visit.  She can also help you understand your child's behavior while in the hospital.  The specialist provides information on common reactions and how best to support your child during their stay.


The perfusionist is the member of the Cardiac Operating Room team that sets up, monitors and controls the heart-lung machine during open-heart surgery. While on bypass, the perfusionist controls the patient's blood pressure, temperature and other vital signs under the direction of the team physicians.

Hospital volunteers

Hospital volunteers visit patient care units daily to provide companionship and amusement to patients.


Interpreters for more than 35 languages, including sign language, are available to assist patients and families.

If you will require an interpreter, please notify Interpreter Services at (916) 734-2321 prior to your arrival.

Licensed clinical social workers

Social workers are experts in helping parents and families adjust to the emotional impact of a child's illness and hospitalization, by providing support and counseling services.

For more information, or to request a visit from a social worker, please call the Pediatric Cardiac Social Worker at (916) 734-8738, or ask your child's nurse to call for you.

Clinical Dietitian

The clinical dietitian is a registered dietitian who can help with your child's specific diet concerns. Many newborns with congestive heart disease require special high-calorie formula, and our dietitians can assist you with this and any other dietary needs and concerns.

Medical Office System Coordinators

The medical office system coordinators get any important information to your insurance company to certify both inpatient and outpatient visits. The coordinators will be your go to people for referrals and autherizations. To reach a medical office system coordinator please call (916) 734-3456.